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Get six FREE gifts worth a total of £35/$50 on your next order!

Gifts include: Prime Wars game, Serge Birault's video training DVD, Digital Art Masters playing cards, A5 3DTotal sketchbook, 3DTotal mechanical pencil, Signed Mike 'Daarken' Lim postcard and Pascal Blanché postcard. (See content tab for full details)

Step 1

BE QUICK! There's only 15 sets of FREE gifts available. The above image will show in real time how many sets are still up for grabs!

Step 2

Add 'Smash and Grab' to your cart. Do not worry the price of 'Smash and Grab' will be deducted at checkout when following steps are completed.

Step 3:

Look through the shop and choose 1 or more physical* product(s) to buy (book, DVD, CD) and add your chosen product(s) to the cart

Step 4:

Complete the checkout process as normal

* Free gift is not available with downloadable products.

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