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3DTotal's ZBrush Monsters(Download Only)


Anyone interested in the CG industry will be more than aware of the mighty ZBrush! In fact ZBrush is starting to dominate the 3D side of the industry. Every day stunning new ZBrush sculpts and textured images are being added in their hundreds to Forums and site galleries. With ZBrush the only limits are with the imagination of its user, which probably explains why most ZBrush users create sculpts where they can really express the extent of their imagination. This eBook will help you as you try to do the same, by showing you how some of the top industry professionals tackle the task of designing and sculpting diverse and unique monsters. Each chapter of this eBook will walk you through the entire process from concept to post production on a fully textured sculpt. If this is the field that you are interested in, the advice in this eBook is priceless!

Product details
Author: 3DTotal.com Ltd
Platform: ZBrush
Size: 64.6 MB
Pages: 66

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