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ZBrush Manimal Creation (Download Only)


Manimal is a ZBrush tutorial series divided into six parts, covering nearly 70 pages and addressing the process of transforming a generic base mesh into an original creature design. The notion behind the series assumes the task of genetically splicing a human being with a different animal class and sculpting the resultant character. Each of the tutorials adopts a different animal class as its theme and walks through the stages of developing a concept, sculpting the overall proportions through to the individual features and particular anatomical mutations. The types of brushes used to form the main muscle groups alongside those used to create the finer details are covered, with each author offering their unique approach to the process. Texturing techniques and material set ups are included in the series with all the associated tips and tricks that help towards producing a final render.

This eBook also contains a base mesh, matcaps and movie files.

Product details
Author: 3DTotal.com Ltd
Platform: ZBrush
Size: 212 MB
Pages: 70

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