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3DCreative: Issue 088 - December 2012 (Download Only)


Welcome to the December issue of 3DCreative! The festive period is upon us and with Christmas just around the corner, we have some exciting gifts for you to unwrap and get stuck into, to help get you into the festive spirit!

The stunning image, which stands strong on our cover, is the result of Ali Zafati taking on the creative challenge of making his own quadruped. In our ZBrush Quadrupeds series our brilliant artists have been given complete creative freedom to show us how to create the organic forms of their quadrupeds. Ali covers everything from concept through to the final illustration as he demonstrates how to create this powerful creature.

Our artists continue with the modeling of the vehicles in this month's chapter of our Beginner's Guide to Modeling Vehicles series, where they have been using the 2D concept and technical drawings provided, to talk us through a step-by-step guide to turning this information into an accurate and exciting 3D model. In this installment Renato Gonzalez Aguilante and Arturo Garcia conclude the modeling process ready to begin texturing in the next chapter. Renato covers the process in Maya whilst Arturo continues in 3ds Max.

In the previous chapter of Andrew Hickinbottom's Female Character Creation series Andrew showed us the creation of his Olivia model from scratch; in this issue he goes on to show us the unwrapping and texturing of Olivia. He also demonstrates lighting the scene and how to build up the background and composition.

Andrew Finch has been guiding us through the creation of an environment built in the games engine UDK. In the last chapter Andrew covered creating custom assets to suit the environment, and started the first pass of laying out those assets in the scene. In this chapter Andrew continues to show us how to finalize the layout of the assets, ready for the next stage of polishing the environment.

In this month's interview we catch up with self-taught Croatian artist Toni Bratincevic. Toni is an amazingly talented artist, and we're sure you'll enjoy studying his captivatingly detailed images while reading about the experiences 3D has brought him.

As well as all the amazing tutorials we have a Making Of, which features the work of Alfonso Annarumma, who shows us how he created his spooky image of a scarecrow, and we also have a stunning gallery featuring work by the likes of Alessandro Baldasseroni, Jose M Lazaro, Tudor Fat and many more.

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