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  • The Art of Loish - Playing cards

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    Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2 hours, The Art of Loish is the first published compendium of the works of digital artist and animator Loish, offering you inspiration, insight, and exclusive artwork. Featuring a wide range of Loish’s illustrations, the book will show her development from someone who drew digitally as a hobby into a highly popular professional artist. The book will include a visual timeline of Loish’s artistic journey with a selection of remakes of past works to demonstrate the evolution of her work. With expert tips you’ll see Loish’s creative process, from initial idea and sketch to finished piece.
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  • Wizard's Academy

    Wizard’s Academy is a cooperative board game in which you play as apprentice wizards during a magical emergency. The wizard who owns the academy is missing, along with all of your teachers; it’s down to you and the other students. You have a lot going for you: The infinite power of magic allows you to summon, dismiss, move, adjust, switch or empower any aspect of the game. Only one thing stands in your way: None of you have the faintest clue what any of your spells actually do.
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  • Escape the Nightmare

    Escape the Nightmare is a frantic cooperative trading game for 3-7 players. You have to trade fragments of nightmare with your friends to try to help them complete sets in order to escape. But each card they give you in return forces you to do something unhelpful and you have to make a move every ten seconds or the thing chasing you through the nightmare will catch you and end the game for everyone.
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  • 404: Law Not Found

    404 was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and delivered earlier this year. It received universally good reviews and reached more than double its funding target. This is the complete version of the game, including all stretch goals unlocked through the Kickstarter and a small bonus that will only be included in the first print run.
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