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  • Design a Fantasy World (Download Only)

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    Whether you're looking to design a fictional universe for a videogame or a fantastical environment for a film, YongSub Noh reveals the key techniques and considerations when concepting a fantasy world from scratch. The tutorials included provide expert tips for characters, creatures, vehicle design, as well as several environment concepts.
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  • Create a photorealistic still-life (Download Only)

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    John A. Martini covers the entire process of developing a stunning photoreal scene, from pre-viz and setting up the 3ds Max physical camera, through modeling in Maya, creating objects in 3ds Max, texturing and shading, and finally culminating with in-depth tuition for lighting and rendering the final scene. Featured software includes: 3ds Max, Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop, ZBrush, and NUKE.
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  • Matte Painting (Download Only)

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    The Matte Painting eBook is a 39-page guide showing you, over fiveparts, the basics of Matte Painting, whilst also giving some more advanced techniques in the final chapter. Industry professional Tiberius Viris takes an interesting photograph and creates an easy-to-follow set of tutorials about how to add varying conditions to this - or any other - scene.

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  • 3DCreative: Issue 060 - August 2010 (Download Only)

    This month's cover image is the handy work of this month's interviewed artist Maarten Verhoeven. Those of you who use 3DTotals galleries and forums and are regular readers of 3Dcreative will be aware of his work as it has featured in our galleries regularly. Maarten talks to us about what excites and inspires him in CG and shares some of his unique and fantastically executed characters with us.
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