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  • Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

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    Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop is a brand new series dedicated to providing a truly comprehensive guide to the basics of digital painting in this versatile program.
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  • Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3

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    Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 presents another collection of inspiring and motivational tutorials for artists of all levels.
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  • 2DArtist: Issue 071 - November 2011 (Download Only)

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    In this month's issue we will be starting an amazing series about illustration. Fairy tales, no doubt played a huge part of in your childhood. Some of your earliest memories may be the images you conjured in your imagination as you listen to the innocent words of these tales of old. Well in this series Simon Dominic Brewer and Blaz Porenta will be taking these tales and giving them a new look as they teach us how to add story and narrative to our paintings.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 068 - August 2011 (Download Only)

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    When you are so excited about every article in the magazine it is hard to know where to start, but I think I will kick things off by talking about this month's jaw dropping cover image by Serge Birault. Serge has done an outstanding job throughout his Pin Up tutorial series and we have all learnt a lot, but sadly all good things come to an end and in this issue Serge wraps things up in style. I guess it is good to leave on a high and Serge does this with probably my favorite image of the series so far.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 067 - July 2011 (Download Only)

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    This month's cover is the handiwork of the fantastic UK based artist Charlie Bowater. Charlie is a great artist who blows us away with every new image and in this issue she kick starts our new series Character Painting/Portrayal. This is a really handy series that will be teaching us how to paint certain characteristics and features that can add some story and interest to our characters.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 063 - March 2011 (Download Only)

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    The days are getting longer and the cold weather is on its way out! It's time to rejoice and welcome the arrival of the sun! Well I hope that is the case where you are, here in Worcester in the U.K it is still cold and miserable outside. However the new issue of 2DArtist is enough to lighten anyone's life! I always get excited when the new magazine gets released and this month is no exception. We have some great artists and tutorials in this issue, and where is better to begin our focus than the front cover which is the handiwork of one of my favourite artists in the community today, Jason Seiler. Jason has been creating jaw dropping caricatures for years which is why he was the perfect person to ask to handle the next chapter in our Portraiture series. I don't think I need to say much more about this one, but I will strongly recommend that check it out!
  • 2DArtist: Issue 064 - April 2011 (Download Only)

    Welcome to the 64th issue of 2DArtist. I hope the weather is improving where you are as it is here. It may be tempting to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, but if you would rather stay inside and get some painting done, 2DArtist is here to provide the inspiration and tutorials you need.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 061 - January 2011 (Download Only)

    There isn't just one new series starting this month though as Darren Yeow will be kicking off our new set of tutorials about painting real looking fantasy creatures. In our new series named Photo Real Fantasy the artists will be trying to show how to design and paint fantasy creatures to look real using any method they choose. This month Darren will be showing us how to paint a Griffin.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 072 - December 2011 (Download Only)

    I hope you all enjoyed the first installment of our Illustrating Fairy Tales series. Simon Dominic Brewer is back again this month, and in this issue shows us how he tells a story in his amazing illustration of Rapunzel. This is a really cool series so if you are into illustration this is a must ready article.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 070 - October 2011 (Download Only)

    Because it was so hard to choose what to put on the cover, I thought that I would start by talking about the amazing image on it. Some artists just seem to get it right every time and Jason Seiler is one of those artists. Jason will be talking us through the latest installment of our Character Portrayal series by showing us how to paint an obese person.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 069 - September 2011 (Download Only)

    This month's cover image comes courtesy of the fantastic artist Jon McCoy. Our Tribal Warriors series has been great and this installment is no exception. Jon does a great job of telling us how to use well documented information to create designs as well as showing us how to bring those designs to life in our illustrations.

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