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  • Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes (Download Only)

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    This eBook series will be split over six separate chapters, all sharing the common theme of a fantasy inspired medieval scene. Each will be undertaken by a different artist and draw upon a wealth of experience and skills perfected over years of industry practice. The authors will discuss their approach to digital /concept painting, the tools and brushes they employ and treat us to a valuable look into their artistic process.

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  • Painting Creatures from Folklore (Download Only)

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    The fantasy genre clearly influences a huge amount of digital artists. You only need to take a brief look in some of the many CG forums and galleries to see how it dominates the minds of many of the most talented artists in the world. It is no surprise that the genre that gives the most room for exploration and imagination is the one that sparks the creativity of so many and had provided a starting point for endless movies and video games over the years. So much of what we see within this genre is born in fairy tales and folklore. In this eBook our artists will be showing us how to research these creatures and use information to create an original and accurate depiction of some of the most popular and memorable characters in folklore.
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  • 2DArtist: Issue 105 - September 2014 (Download Only)

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    Have you ever wanted to bring a bit of life to your illustrations? Christopher Peters reveals a cool digital trick to transform your 2D images, which could really spice up your portfolio in an interesting way!

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