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The Unreal Game Engine


The Unreal games engine is a hugely versatile system that has been used to power a variety of best-selling video games. In The Unreal Game Engine, environment artist Andrew Finch looks at how to create game levels from scratch using the free Unreal Development Kit, starting with modeling the environment. He then addresses the two different ways in which you can create accessories for your scene – modeling in 3ds Max and importing them, or creating them directly in UDK – before adding textures and lighting. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a level designer and wanted some practical experience, then look no further than The Unreal Game Engine.

About the Author:

Andrew Finch has been working in the games industry professionally for six years; his responsibilities include modeling, texturing and lighting. He is currently working on his eighth game title. Andrew started out in Animation and received a bachelor’s degree. His passion for creating environments grew during his studies and he soon realized this is what he wanted to do.

Product details
Softback 240 pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm
Paper quality: Full colour premium paper pages
ISBN: 978-1-90941404-4


“The Unreal Game Engine: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Playable Levels offers a genuine look into UDK, by explaining the basics but also going into detail for the more advanced user. As an artist, presentation is key for getting employment, and this book offers a genuine look into UDK and takes the tutorial process to a TOTAL new level. Game development has several applications but The Unreal Game Engine: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Playable Levels takes one of the most popular engines, UDK, and teaches how to not only use it but also how to present with it.”

Scotty Brown - Lead Environment Artist, BioWare

“3DTotal has produced a great, artist-friendly guide to building scenes with the Unreal Development Kit. The language is extremely clear and the technical terminology is explained without the assumption that the reader already knows everything. Additionally, the example scenes that are used for teaching in the book are well-assembled, good-looking scenes, which isn’t something that can be said for a lot of game engine training materials. The Unreal Game Engine: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Playable Levels is a great resource for the budding game artist.”

J.R. Hogarth de la Plante Environment Art Director, BioShock 2