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  • Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate

    20 Review(s)
    "Great book" - Dave, 26 December 2020
    " I’ve followed along with YouTube tutorials and some cheap Udemy courses But until getting this book with the downloadable resources to enhance my learning I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. Now I have this and a few other manuals from this site my work is improving. "
    Tap into the world of Procreate, the groundbreaking app for the iPad that brings unbounded creativity into the hands of digital artists of all levels! In this invaluable beginner’s guide, professional artists show you how to draw, paint, and sketch digitally, at home or on the go. Packed full of expert tips, diverse projects, and inspirational artwork, it unlocks the secrets of this affordable, versatile, and highly intuitive software. Exploring the creative potential of layer masks, blend modes, and how to create your own custom brushes, leading artists from across the concept art and illustration industries share eye-opening step-by-step tutorials to enable you to confidently create your own digital masterpieces. The engaging and accessible chapters take you right back to basics. From creating your first canvas to exporting your final artwork, Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate shows beginners and experienced creators alike how to get the most from this digital art game-changer.
    Incl. Tax: £21.99

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 11

    9 Review(s)
    "Fab and inspiring" - Pip, 3 July 2020
    " I loved this book it gave useful tips and interesting ways of doing things differently (and better!). Lots of different styles too. It also makes a great coffee table book. "
    Bursting from the pages of issue 11 are dynamic tutorials, in-depth interviews, and expressive characters from a selection of the industry’s most talented creators. Delve into dynamic demonstrations by Jake W Morrison, Amanda McFarlane, and Vanessa Morales, as they create characters with a life of their own; and uncover the tools and techniques used by Sam Nassour to develop his captivating cover art. For a little lighter reading, check out the informative mini features to pick up top tips on how to effectively indicate scale, as well as how to approach alternative color palettes, and imbue characters with emotion. And lastly, relish a jam-packed gallery of engaging artwork by Roma Gewska, Madison Harper, and Leonard Furuberg.
    Incl. Tax: £11.00

  • Komorebi: The Art of Djamila Knopf - with signed bookplate

    8 Review(s)
    "Artful snap shots! " - Michael, 21 May 2021
    " Djamila has created beautiful stories in her artwork, full of colour and plays of light in a Japanese anime watercolour style. Inspirational art! "

    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Djamila Knopf.
    Illustrator Djamila Knopf's first art book leads us through her universe, where anime-influenced characters, exquisitely drawn and colored settings, and fantastical travels through other worlds enchant her loyal fans and fellow artists worldwide. Across its pages you will find a collection of Djamila's best artwork, sketchbook pages, tutorials, and personal insights into her thought processes, early influences and journey of becoming an artist.

  • Art Fundamentals 2nd edition

    5 Review(s)
    "Extremely Useful" - Julie, 3 December 2020
    " As someone who struggled quite a lot in art before to finally accept that I needed to know the fundamentals to be good at drawing, this book saved my career. It is well explained, and with training on the side, is a really wonderful way to understand the core of drawing and painting ! I recommand this book to everyone I know who wants to learn the fundamentals all the time. (In general, I recommand highly every book on 3DTotal, this site is one of the best thing I encounter in my art journey) The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because, as english isn't my mother tong, some part needed quite an amount of translation because of the advanced vocabulary - but appart from that it's really great! "
    Even more expert advice, key techniques, and illuminating artwork upgrades 3dtotal’s bestselling Art Fundamentals, the cornerstone of every artist’s bookshelf. Whether you work in a traditional or digital medium, understanding the foundations of art itself is essential for engaging and confident results. Real-world rules make concept art so much more believable, while a clear comprehension of time-honored principles can elevate a classic subject to new levels of accomplishment. This must-have, updated edition of Art Fundamentals is written and illustrated by experts from a range of creative backgrounds. It demystifies the crucial elements of art, while specially selected artwork details how the fundamentals have been cleverly applied to the canvas by incredible professional artists.
    Incl. Tax: £29.99

  • How to Be a Children’s Book Illustrator

    5 Review(s)
    "Great information and lots of different angles" - Nicole, 20 May 2021
    " I like this book very much, as it covers a broad range of different styles and approaches. Covering all important topics, it also provides various different ideas of different artists and gives a glimpse of the wide range of possibilities. It is full of inspirations and a great resource to start your own journey! Very recommendable. "
    Discover how top children’s illustrators portray characters, narratives, and themes through the art of visual storytelling in this uniquely practical and inspirational handbook. Indispensable techniques are revealed alongside captivating illustrated examples, while in-depth sample stories show how the professionals approach their work. There are even tips for artists who want to write the story too!
    Incl. Tax: £29.99

  • Guweiz: The Art of Gu Zheng Wei - with signed bookplate

    4 Review(s)
    "Great book but it does look a bit different to the preview" - Mikhail, 14 December 2020
    " I agree with Imran - some of the images are really dark (compared to the preview). I'm also not that sure about the value of the "texture" which looks as wet paint spots on half of the pages, which mostly doesn't affect the works except for a couple of pages. Still a good book of course, with plenty of great works "

    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Gu Zheng Wei.
    Digital artist Gu Zheng Wei, AKA Guweiz, shares his anime-inspired world in this captivating book. His unique urban take on the popular manga and anime styles is gripping right from the first page, from his often poetic take on Japanese lifestyles to the fantastic narratives he creates. Embark on a journey through his imaginative world, and uncover a prolific portfolio packed with gritty details of the urban landscape and dark, surreal tones.

  • Fundamentals of Character Design

    3 Review(s)
    "So great, I bought it twice" - Daniel, 20 May 2021
    " This book is filled with amazing creative tools and techniques, all the things you wonder how they did it it when you see great art online. I bought another copy for a friend I frequently share books with because I knew he wouldn’t want to return it because it’s so great. "
    Fundamentals of Character Design: How to create engaging characters for illustration, animation & visual development Why do the characters in our favorite books, animations, and games stay with us long after the final scene? The heroic protagonist, evil villain, comedic sidekick - even the supporting cast – have been crafted by clever character designers with incredible skills at their fingertips. This comprehensive character-design toolkit, written by industry professionals, includes everything you need to design successful and compelling characters.
    Incl. Tax: £31.99

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 12

    3 Review(s)
    "Great for inspiration and technique" - Laurent, 3 July 2020
    " There's such a variety of styles and techniques to draw from. Really helpful when I'm stuck and looking for a solution to a problem ora novel approach to designing a character. "
    Crafted by a selection of the industry’s best and brightest; adorable creatures, kooky aliens, and an array of more personable characters bound from the inside of issue 12. Devised for a range of audiences, the designers outline how best to understand your viewer, reveal some of their favorite techniques built for speed and efficiency, and impart the importance of harnessing your unique take on a client’s brief. Absorb invaluable advice from professional visual development artist, Simon Baek (Toy Story 4, Onward), and the motivational and deeply inspiring words of whimsical illustrator, Sara Kajba of Moonchild Illustrations. Sit back and revel in the fascinating technical approaches of cover artist Sarah Conradsen, the mastermind behind this issue’s shady gang of mercriminals; Tom van Rheenen, and 2D designer for Atomic Cartoons, Lara Carson.
    Incl. Tax: £11.00

  • Anatomy for Artists

    2 Review(s)
    "Best Human Anatomy Book I've seen yet!" - Cristopher Lincoln, 12 February 2021
    " This book has really amazing high quality photos side by side with anatomical drawings, contour lines, and planar forms overlaid on top of them. Makes it very easy to understand all the anatomical forms of the figure from every angle. There are good comparisons of male and female skeletons, joint mechanics, and some overweight and age references as well. With the bulk of the book showing both male and female figure. Warning though the book is 100% nude photos, so if that kind of thing bothers you or your giving it as a gift make sure their mature enough to deal with the subject matter. I'd recommended this book to any artists working with the human figure in any medium both traditional and digital. "
    Anatomy for Artists: A visual guide to the human form Anatomy for Artists presents an extensive visual reference guide to the human form for artists of all abilities and mediums. Over 240 specially commissioned photographs capture every detail, from muscle definition and bony landmarks to a valuable catalogue of postures and poses. Every photograph is overlaid with musculature, planar, and contour diagrams drawn by figurative fine artist and illustrator Charlie Pickard to deepen your comprehension. The illuminating introduction by expert and teacher Jahirul Amin results in a thorough understanding of the subject and how it relates to your work. Detailed diagrams reveal the inner workings of the joints and muscles, and how their shape and movement affect what you see on the surface, and ultimately in your art.
    Incl. Tax: £34.99

  • Masters of Sketching: Patrick Ballesteros & Paride Bertolin (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "A great tool and a good book even in a ebook format" - Alejandro, 21 September 2020
    " I was locking for the printed version of this book but I found only the ebook version. Anyway it is one of the fundamentals of 3D total. Very interesting book even if you buy the ebook version. "
    Please enjoy this downloadable segment from our popular Masters of Sketching book, featuring concept illustrator Patrick Ballesteros and character designer Paride Bertolin. Sketching is a versatile medium used by artists of all backgrounds and disciplines, from the old Renaissance Masters to modern concept artists today. Learning from other artists is one of the best things you can do to improve your own technique, and through fascinating and unique step-by-step breakdowns, these master sketchers share how they approach and think about their sketching process.
    Incl. Tax: Free!

  • Dibujante Nocturno: The Art of Fran Garcés - with signed bookplate

    1 Review(s)
    "Amazing!! " - Jatze, 21 December 2020
    " I follow the artist since years and this artbook ist breathtaking! There is so much living in this works and with fantastic colors and details you get the feeling this is real! I love it!! I hope the next book will be out soon (I can't unse Kickstarter so I have to wait, but I will :D) "

    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Fran Garcés.
    Turn the pages of this lavishly produced book to discover a collection of monsters, creatures, and characters created by illustrator and digital artist Fran Garcés, AKA Dibujante Nocturno. Explore an inspiring gallery of his fantastical works and discover step-by-step tutorials that break down not only the artist’s workflow and routine, but also his intricate pen sketching techniques, cleverly chosen color palettes, and detailed rendering. This inspiring book presents a unique opportunity for fans of fantasy art and creature design to see how the epic art of Dibujante Nocturno is created.

  • Komorebi: The Art of Djamila Knopf - special anniversary edition

    1 Review(s)
    "Exceptional!" - Sandra, 12 June 2021
    " I own many of... The Art of... books on this website and although they are all absolutely wonderful, this one is by far my favorite. "

    This book features an exclusive slipcase.

    Illustrator Djamila Knopf's first art book leads us through her universe, where anime-influenced characters, exquisitely drawn and colored settings, and fantastical travels through other worlds enchant her loyal fans and fellow artists worldwide. Across its pages you will find a collection of Djamila's best artwork, sketchbook pages, tutorials, and personal insights into her thought processes, early influences and journey of becoming an artist.

  • Eleeza: The Art of Eliza Ivanova - with signed bookplate

    1 Review(s)
    "Amazing Book!" - killerrabbit, 19 May 2021
    " I didn't remember how I was introduced by Eliza Ivanova's work (eleeza), but it feels like I've been following her for some time. In that time I looked forward to seeing her magnificent work and was excited when I heard about her new book "Eleeza: The Art of Eliza Ivanova." It was written with the artist readers in mind and I have read it several times. I continue to find new ways of thinking when I approach the figure and it's been invaluable. A book every figurative artist and fan should have in their shelf. "

    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Eliza Ivanova.
    Enter the spellbinding world of inspirational artist and filmmaker Eliza Ivanova. Blending traditional painting and sketching with the influences of animation, Eliza produces work that is as captivating as it is dramatic. This beautiful book holds the secrets to how she imbues her work with her own fantasy stories, resulting in authentic, evocative gestures and pose. In addition to galleries filled with a mix of her latest creations, classic favorites, and brand new pieces for the book, Eliza opens the door to her studio. Follow specially created step-by-step workshops for insight into how she captures the exceptional movement that infuses her work, using her favorite tools and key techniques.

  • Fundamentals of Creature Design

    1 Review(s)
    "Stunning images, useful tips and scientific approach" - Bruno, 26 May 2021
    " I liked this book, I learned a lot from it.. After lead you through the whole design process, you receive multiple excercises to try out what you learned. This book brought back my long-forgotten mood for drawing. "
    Fundamentals of Creature Design: How to create successful concepts using functionality, anatomy, color, shape & scale Every monster, alien, and fantasy beast seen on screen and in games emerges from the imaginations of talented concept artists. This book unlocks that world to reveal the must-have skills behind creating compelling creatures. From applying knowledge of anatomy and evolution, to establishing clever workflows, everything you need is in this comprehensive creature-design toolkit.
    Incl. Tax: £29.99

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 14

    1 Review(s)
    "THE magazine to gain insight" - Jerr, 3 December 2020
    " Being buying CDQ since it first came out. Always full of interesting and practicle hints, tips and studies. Well worth getting hold off. "
    On the pages of issue 14, discover a collection of fascinating artwork, interviews, and tutorials from some of the industry’s finest international artists. Delve into an enlightening interview with award-winning artist Izzy Burton, as she talks about her passion for storytelling, then explains the inspiration and technical approach that led her to this issue’s absorbing cover. Then, unearth invaluable advice from Tim Probert, Art Director at Nathan Love Studio in New York, as he offers guidance on juggling personal and commercial projects. In-depth tutorials from highly respected artists including Toshiki Nakamura and Justin Rodrigues are presented with flair and interest, to help artists of all levels improve and discover new design techniques. Cute creatures, mythological beasts, and hilarious human characters leap from the pages to offer precious inspiration.
    Incl. Tax: £11.00

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