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  • Mastering Comic Art (Download Only)

    8 Review(s)
    "Useful" - Patrick, 9 August 2018
    " Useful tips for creating and concise comic style art work. Leaves room for the readers own stylistic differences while showing a number of options on how to create an intricate artwork "
    The comic industry is huge! You only need to take a few seconds to think of the countless films that have been made off the back of successful comics to realise their importance in modern media. Although creating cool comic style images require a knowledge of many of the art fundamentals such as anatomy, color theory and light it also requires an understanding of techniques that may not be familiar to every digital artist. This eBook will talk you through the creation of a comic image while focussing on some of the processes that make comic art unique like the sketching, inking and coloring phases. If you are a fan of comics and would like to have a go at creating your own comic book illustration this eBook is a must.

    Regular Price: £9.95

    Special Price Incl. Tax: £3.00

  • 2DArtist: Issue 076 - April 2012 (Download Only)

    7 Review(s)
    "Very Inspirational!" - Chronic276, 3 December 2012
    " Fantastic read, very in-depth tutorials and great illustrations and concepts to look at, recommend to anyone who has an eye for art and enjoys a good read! "
    On the subject of manga characters we will get the ball rolling this month by mentioning our cool new series about painting historical characters in this iconic style. We will be in the more than capable hands of Thailand-based artist Patipat Asavasena throughout this series, who will be showing us exactly what it is that makes a character look manga in style, and how to use these features and unique characteristics to create our own cool illustrations.
  • Cartoon Creation 101 (Download Only)

    5 Review(s)
    "A Complete 101!" - Happi, 6 November 2017
    " It is one thing to have a great concept for a cartoon but it is another to execute the creation. Cartoon Creation 101 delves into the technical execution of character creation but completes the instruction by having the artists discuss why certain decisions were made! These insights are what makes this 101 book complete and well worth the purchase! "
    One of the first projects a student will tackle in their 2D education is the creation of a stylized character. Whether they're the heroes in the cartoons of our childhood, or those in the latest animated blockbuster movie, the beauty of cartoon characters is that they allow us to experience stories beyond our own limits. This e-book features top industry artists revealing how to design and digitally paint basic cartoon characters. Each artist reveals how to produce exploratory designs and show how to capture and reflect the personality of characters through expressions, costume and design.
    Incl. Tax: £9.95

  • 2DArtist: Issue 074 - February 2012 (Download Only)

    4 Review(s)
    "Fantastic!" - Javier, 20 September 2012
    " Really, really fantastic magazine, full of inspiration, artists, tutorials and more. "
    In this month's issue Blaz continues our fantastic Illustrating Fairy Tales series for us by talking us through how he added narrative and back story to his fantastic image. I am sure that you have all enjoyed this series so far and the final images from the tutorials have been breath-taking.
  • Character Portrayal (Download Only)

    4 Review(s)
    "Great ebook, but very specific" - Jennifer, 2 July 2015
    " I like this book very much, althoug, I think it is not so suitable for beginners, because of the specific topics, I think one should know some basics to have really use of this ebook. But I think for more advanced drawers/painters it should be so inspriring and motivating like reading this book was for me! "
    You can tell a lot about a person by their face. You can tell their state of mind, where they are from, you can even make a guess about their character. For this reason being able to portray the features of a face correctly when doing character concepts is vital. In this series of tutorials our artists will be looking at how to tackle designing characters with very specific features, and will be showing us how to paint certain features that can be applied to different character types such as gaunt, obese, bruised etc. Being able to portray varying characteristics on you characters is a great way to add interest to your design and a story to your art. If you enjoy painting characters and want to take your creations to the next level, this is the eBook for you.
    Incl. Tax: £9.95

  • 2DArtist: Issue 083 - November 2012 (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    "Absolutely complete and useful" - Andrea, 5 June 2013
    " This issue 083 is incredibly complete and useful. You will find an amazing tutorial by Richard Tilbury with his step by step realistic process. The cartoon character creation by Denis Zilber is from shape sketches to digital color, Outstanding! Ending with the orror western scene by Andrei Pervukhin, you will find value study, composition study and tips and tricks on using layers. For me this issue in one of the most useful and complete I've seen. Cheers. "
    Welcome to the November issue of 2DArtist. Firework season is upon us, and things start with a bang this month with our stunning front cover, a ruthless loan shark that Denis Zilber has created for our Cartoon Creation 101 series.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 084 - December 2012 (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    "Excellent Info - Needs Video Content for 5 Stars" - Bret, 2 April 2014
    " As a subscriber to ImagineFX, I was pleased to find 2D artist online recently. It is not only a welcome and equally matched alternative, but it also a TREMENDOUS value compared to ImagineFX. The one area that could use improvement, however, is in offering video content of the tutorials. There's only so much you can glean from single still-frames of art. Despite VERY comprehensive explanations, having that video content of at least the featured articles and demos would bring this up to a full 5 stars. Even without the video training, it is still a GREAT resource and I love the all-digital format. There's really no need for a physical copy if you own a tablet, so it's great that they're passing the savings on to their subscribers. Keep up the great work! "
    Welcome to the December issue of 2DArtist and Merry Christmas to you all! To get you in the festive mood, this month's 2DArtist is filled with treats that will help you on your way to having a very creative Christmas!
  • 2DArtist: Issue 078 - June 2012 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Worth the download" - Danny, 25 July 2012
    " Informative magazine, and for the price, there is little to complain about! One thing to be aware is that the low res version may not include all of the pictures within the tutorials. I typically add the low res pdfs to save space on my iPad. So keep this in mind when deciding on which version to add to your eReader. Otherwise great product! "
    Welcome to the June issue of 2DArtist magazine! In this issue we bring you more stimulating installments in our excellent tutorial series and continually captivating artwork. From creatures of mythology to digital matte painting, there's a little treat for everybody!
  • 2DArtist: Issue 073 - January 2012 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Great content" - Pablo, 11 May 2012
    " I am new in digital art and this magazine is a perfect way to learn about the masters in this medium, enjoy their awesome and inspiring work, and learn from them with practical tutorials. Highly recommended. "
    Now it's time to tell you about our exciting new series! Mythology has inspired all types of art for years, and we are more than familiar with images of Medusa and The Minotaur, so in this series we will be exploring the lesser know creatures of mythology in an interesting and unique way.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 081 - September 2012 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Good for learning and inspiration" - Naveed, 7 February 2013
    " I specifically purchased the Magazine for the tutorial mentioned on the cover. I was expecting that tutorial more detailed, but its not. I couldn't said that to be excellent but its very good, so I gave 4 stars. Its a valuable resource for learning and inspiration, I'd highly recommend. "
    Welcome to the September issue of 2DArtist magazine! Last month we sadly said goodbye to some brilliant tutorial series, but don't fret as we have not one, not two, but three amazing new series to get those creative juices flowing.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 080 - August 2012 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Inspirational Issue" - Lee, 21 September 2012
    " This is the best issue I've purchased yet. Every page is informative and filled with great pieces. I enjoy the tutorials in every issue and this one is no exception. "
    Hello and welcome to the August issue of 2DArtist. In the spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games, which is currently in full swing, we have put together some winning tutorials that will help you develop your own skills!
  • 2DArtist: Issue 077 - May 2012 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Good issue, but just the high-res version" - Johannes B., 30 May 2012
    " I'm from Germany and we also have the 2dartist-mag (here it's a mix between old stuff from the uk-editions and some new tuts an interview from the german publisher) Because it's released only 4 times a year, I decided to buy the original uk-edition. The mag is good, but there are some things that tha keep it from being perfect. The low-res-version is full of bugs (some tutorials are not readable, because the font has the same color as the background. In the german edition there are always things you can download, like brushes, scribbles, etc. so you can go along with some of the tutorials, but the last 3 issues auf the mag I bought here had none of that. I'ts kind of sad. But the thing that's bugging me the most is that you only have 5 download-attempts, after that, you ahve to beg for more trys - you think "5 time is more than enough" - not really. I bought a lot of tutorials and stuff from other companies like gomedia or idrawgirls.com and the downloads came always down in a straight line, no glitches or so. but here the first time i tried to download the mag, it lost the connection every 7th MB - I was always able to continue 'til 92% than the it stopped. 4 trys to go. The 3rd attempt was successful. So, this mag is good, but there are some technical difficulties the producers have to get rid of in order to make it user-friendly and perfect. (And more stuff like tutorial files and brushes would be nice) I hope my review was helpful. "
    Welcome to the May issue of 2DArtist magazine! In this issue we continue inspiring you with excellent tutorial series and amazing you with stunning artwork. From manga characters to creating amazing animations, using paintings and live-action footage, there's something for everyone!
  • 2DArtist Back Issues - 2011 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Great opportunity to buy older magazines and read them digitally. " - Andy, 5 February 2013
    " I found this magazine a short time ago. I like it because it is for me a good mixture about interviews with artist, artbooks from artists and tutorials. I think it's great, that there is the opportunity to buy more than two year old magazines digitally and for a good price. "
    All 12 issues of 2DArtist Magazine published in 2011.
    Incl. Tax: £27.00

  • 2DArtist: Issue 079 - July 2012 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Great Issue" - Jason, 23 July 2012
    " I just downloaded this and it is really great. Of particular interest is the mythological creature tutorial series, the step-by-step is awesome stuff; easy to follow and looks great to boot! "
    Welcome to the July issue of 2DArtist magazine! In this issue we bring you more exciting installments in our great tutorial series and continually captivating artwork. From manga characters to fantasy realms, there's a little something to put a smile on everyone's face!
  • Painting Myths and Legends (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Great read and insight" - rockwell, 22 February 2014
    " I had a chance to read through this book. It has really great illustrations and concepts. The artists give really good tips and approaches to creating figures/creatures in different environments. The step by step stages are worded clearly. "
    Myths and legends drive a huge part of the CG industry and therefore is a common topic for digital painters to tackle. As in all forms of art painting a Mythological creature can be approached in many different ways, but how do you make a fantasy creature look believable? In this eBooks our talented artists will be showing us not only how to design fictional creatures, but how to immerse them into a believable scene and environment. When designing creatures how often do you think about practicality, anatomy and the way that creatures environment would have impacted on its appearance? In this eBook you will be shown how to take all of this into consideration and create some stunning images of some of the most famous creatures from Myth and Legend.
    Incl. Tax: £9.95

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