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  • Creating Stylized Characters

    43 Review(s)
    "Brilliant book" - Chris B, 4 December 2020
    " This is an excellent book full of insightful tips and guides. Great for beginners or anyone interested in trying different styles to create characters. "
    Delve into the vibrant, exciting world of character design with Creating Stylized Characters! Join professional illustrators, animators, and comic artists as they demonstrate how to exaggerate form and proportion. Sharing in-depth and industry-informed knowledge of creating fun and memorable characters, this book teaches essential creative skills that are applicable to both digital and traditional media. Learn how to design exciting heroes, villains, and monsters, as well as about key concepts such as gesture, color, poses, and expressions.
    Incl. Tax: $34.29

  • Sketch with Asia

    7 Review(s)
    "Extremely valuable and high quality work" - Jeffrey, 3 December 2020
    " Asia's story is super inspirational. The tips in this book helped me build helpful habits that I used to become a better artist. She walks through her processes for both traditional and digital art. Extremely valuable for anyone getting into either of them. Additionally, this book is very well designed. Everything from the hard cover, the page designs, the font choice, and the ordering of the content were all super pleasing to see. "
    Sketch with Asia is the first major publication from online manga-inspired art phenomenon, Asia Ladowska. Asia blends her talent for hyper-realism with her passion for manga, creating the distinctive artistic style she is well-loved and recognized for. Further to her regular and inspirational #SketchwithAsia challenge on Instagram (where she has over 900k followers), now explore this beautifully presented 168 page art book to discover an even more detailed exploration of Asia’s processes as she creates her art.

  • The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts - with signed bookplate

    4 Review(s)
    "Interesting and beautiful" - Amalie , 3 December 2020
    " This was my first time seeing Heikala's art and I fell in love with her art style. The book covers some sketches and her process step for step. its very good and i really recommend it :-) "
    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Heikala.

    The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts is a comprehensive collection of the best work by popular illustrator Heikala, including exclusive never-before-seen art pieces and works in progress. This beautifully presented hardback book also features step-by-step tutorials on watercolor painting and product design, and explores Heikala's creative process and how she came to build a successful career as an artist.

  • FREE MAGAZINE - Total Issue 04 (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    " It is interesting to find magazines like these to have better knowledge." - Juan Sebastian , 21 January 2019
    " The bad thing in some of the magazines is that they do not have Latin artists who give their knowledge of all this. "
    Issue 04 of Total magazine returns to the theme of anatomy, including features on basic form and proportions, how to prepare for a life drawing session, the structure of the human skull, and more!
    Incl. Tax: Free!

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: 3 piece set of animal figures

    2 Review(s)
    "Very helpful figures" - Nina, 13 January 2021
    " I draw animals a lot and I find having 3D references is extremely helpful so I ordered the entire set. One of the figures got lost in mail but the customer service was very helpful and replaced the missing one instantly. I am very happy with the quality and accuracy of these figures. They help me figure out not only the perspective and the anatomy but also light and shadow. The grey surface works so well for this purpose. I use them as much as I can and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! "

    Please note, this item is currently out of stock and will go onto back-order. There have been multiple port congeston delays impacting receipt of new stock, so apologies for any delays in getting your order shipped. Current ETA for the next stock is 30 May, and once received, all back-orders will be prioritsed to ship in order of placement. This is subject to change and any ETA changes will be updated here. Thank you in advance.

    Any professional creature artist will tell you the importance of incorporating anatomical accuracy and therefore believability into your designs. Our half-écorché/half-skin animal anatomy figures offer detailed insight into the muscular structure and surface variation of animals commonly used as a basis for creature designs, capturing three distinct mammalian body types that are familiar to everyone but often misunderstood. They are a resource you can study in three dimensions, in person, which is incredibly valuable when photographs just aren’t cutting it and you aren’t able to study these animals in real life.

    Incl. Tax: $288.14

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: Equine figure

    2 Review(s)
    "Anatomy at a Glance" - Ben, 19 May 2020
    " Love it! It's difficult to find ecorche models that are both accurate for study and inspiring to display. It's not large so it fits well on almost any surface but it has enough detail and presence to be immediately striking as a display and immensely useful for referencing. If I had one wish, it would be that a series of animal ecorche would be made that display the muscle and skeletal structures. I'd pick that up, no question! Overall, this model is well worth the price and I have been showing it off to colleagues who are now considering ordering their own. "

    Please note, this item is currently out of stock and will go onto back-order. There have been multiple port congeston delays impacting receipt of new stock, so apologies for any delays in getting your order shipped. Current ETA for the next stock is 12 February, and once received, all back-orders will be prioritsed to ship in order of placement. This is subject to change and any ETA changes will be updated here. Thank you in advance.

    The horse is known to be a particularly difficult mammal to replicate, its forms often misunderstood even by experienced artists. Regularly used as a basis for fantasy beings such as dragons, unicorns, and kelpies, a solid understanding of a horse’s anatomy goes a long way in creature design. The half-écorché/half-skin equine figure offers you the chance to study both the muscular structure and the surface variations of a horse in detail, acting as a perfect resource when photographs aren’t enough and you aren’t able to study the animal in real life. If you want to produce believable and authentic creature designs then anatomical reference such as this is a must.

    Incl. Tax: $123.49

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 05

    1 Review(s)
    "Great reading and reference" - Carolyn, 4 November 2018
    " The tips I picked up were great. Plus the magazine introduced me to some inspirational artists, who I now follow on Instagram. "
    Inside issue 05 is a host of extraordinary character designers including Kun Vic and Paul Schoeni, who share the secrets of their successful careers. John Loren illuminates the subject of lighting, while Dung Ho leads a fast and effective warm-up exercise. Tutorials packed with practical ways to improve your character design include Guilherme Franco’s guide to depicting fury with impact, James A. Castillo’s engaging circus troupe, and Alexandra Frantseva’s multi-genre ninja-warrier concept. Ester Conceicao deals with anthropomorphism, while Kévin Roualland reveals how to develop an authentic fantasy character. Plus, Beatrice Blue’s enchanting cover design is broken down to show how she tells a story within a single scene!
    Incl. Tax: $15.09

  • Beginner's Guide to Sketching: Robots, Vehicles & Sci-fi Concepts

    1 Review(s)
    "Great pics inside" - Dave, 26 December 2020
    " This book is really good for the art I am hoping to create in the near future. I really like the different styles featured and have found some great artists to follow online. Worth buying. "
    Pick up your pens and pencils and join talented professional artists in this invaluable introduction to sketching quintessential sci-fi subjects such as spaceships, robots, futuristic vehicles, and innovative buildings. Learn how to design and color a range of fascinating visionary concepts from start to finish, unlocking knowledge that will allow you to develop your own unique and impressive sci-fi creations.
    Incl. Tax: $32.92

  • Digital Painting in Photoshop: Industry Techniques for Beginners

    1 Review(s)
    "Excellent! " - Michael, 18 January 2019
    " Digital Painting in Photoshop (industry techniques for beginners) An excellent guide for all levels of photoshop artists, includes what you need to get started, tool guide and detailed description of the photoshop interface. This book is a great refresher for me and inspired new creations! "
    Inside this comprehensive manual is everything the budding digital painter needs to know about the customizable Photoshop interface, its efficient tools, essential painting brushes, and complex layers and masks. Explore the endless possibilities of digital painting through three highly detailed step-by-step tutorials which look in depth at key processes and professional techniques. Discover how to subtly integrate photo textures, create custom brushes, and generate impressive effects to develop your own incredible artworks.
    Incl. Tax: $41.15

  • GRAPHITE issue 08

    1 Review(s)
    "Great magazine" - Kamila, 4 December 2020
    " For the price, it's great content. Especially at the current price. It has some interviews and process from a few artists and shows materials they used or their sketchbooks and the process of how they make their art. Definitely amazing value for money :-) "
    GRAPHITE is a quarterly publication featuring inspirational artwork, interviews and tutorials on drawing, sketching and illustration. Issue 08 features a cover by industry veteran Allen Williams, and insightful tutorials on creating fantasy and sci-fi concepts, illustrating in pastel and pencil, and drawing from life, by talented artists including Nikolay Georgiev, Anand Radhakrishnan, Ulksy, Ashly Lovett, and more. GRAPHITE’s focus on traditional media, elegant presentation, and in-depth resources make it a timelessly valuable addition to any art lover’s shelf.

    Regular Price: $13.72

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $4.12

  • 3DCreative Back Issues - 2005/06 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Great value collection of magazines" - David, 15 November 2016
    " Very good balance of tutorials, artwork, interviews, tips and tricks. I use them as inspiration for 3d modelling and art direction. "
    All 16 issues of 3DCreative Magazine published in 2005 and 2006.

    Regular Price: $49.40

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $13.71

  • FREE MAGAZINE - Total Issue 03 (Download Only)

    "" - , 16 May 2021
    " "
    Issue 03 of Total magazine focuses on the theme of characters, including tutorials from Randy Bishop, Denis Zilber, and Brun Croes to help you hone your character design skills. So, get stuck in and see what characters we can help you create in the issue!
    Incl. Tax: Free!

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: Feline figure

    "" - , 16 May 2021
    " "

    A cat is an animal that is so regularly seen that its anatomy can be easily misunderstood. Use our half-écorché/half-skin feline figure to study its musculature and surface variations and apply that knowledge to your own imaginative designs. Ideal for both 2D and 3D artists across all mediums, our animal anatomy figures will help build your confidence when it comes to creating unique and authentic designs – the perfect tool for any creature artist.

    Incl. Tax: $123.49

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: Canine figure

    "" - , 16 May 2021
    " "

    Forming the basis of a ferocious beast or a cute quadruped, a firm understanding of a dog’s anatomy is invaluable to any creature designer. With the half-écorché/half-skin canine figure you can study the musculature in three dimensions and compare it against the surface variations of the skin, allowing you to add that all-essential element of believability to your designs. Develop a fundamental understanding of canine muscle definition beyond that offered by photo reference and made challenging by a fidgeting companion. The canine figure is ideal for beginner artists taking their first steps in creature design as well as advanced professionals looking for a reliable and cost-effective reference figure.

    Incl. Tax: $123.49

  • Still Just Kidding - Greetings Cards

    "" - , 16 May 2021
    " "
    Each box contains twelve cards with four different designs covering more than one occasion. Envelopes included and cards are left blank for your own personal message.

    Regular Price: $16.47

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $6.86

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