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  • 3dtotal Anatomy: male figure

    103 Review(s)
    "Fantastic reference!" - B.J. Armstrong, 16 January 2019
    " A fantastic reference model, it has obviously been made with attention to detail. Recommended for any hobbyist or professional working in sculpting or drawing. "
    Whether you use pencil and paper, paintbrushes, clay, or any form of digital art software, our figures will be invaluable if you want to understand the form and structure of human anatomy. Our first figure is a neutrally posed, athletic build male standing at 11 inches tall. This size and low price tag makes this model a perfect desktop reference, while also maintaining all the detail you'll need.
    Incl. Tax: $74.90

  • Art Fundamentals

    43 Review(s)
    "As ever, astounding" - Wren, 21 May 2019
    " Every purchase from 3d Total Publishing has been an investment in my own artistic pursuits but this book has been the crowning glory of them all. Art Fundamentals breaks it all down into easy to understand, simple guidelines and meanings with clear examples to help illustrate the point. Every day, I'm keen to head home from work to dive into the book. Excellent purchase and am keen on buying Beyond Art Fundamentals because of it. "
    Art fundamentals are the bread and butter of any artist and a clear understanding of the various elements is essential when it comes to producing a successful piece of work. Art Fundamentals addresses a number of key basic subjects such as color and light, composition, perspective and depth, and anatomy in a series of insightful chapters. Written by some of the most experienced artists in the games and film industries.
    Incl. Tax: $37.44

  • Armored Beasts (Download Only)

    26 Review(s)
    "an amazing collection" - michele, 4 January 2017
    " very professional and easy step by step collection of imaginary and real beasts with armour. impressive tecnique! I m totally happy with this purchase "
    ZBrush is a formidable piece of software that is capable of so much. The possibilities are endless and the only restriction is your imagination. In this eBook series our artists will be flexing their creative muscles to show us how to create not only the organic forms of their beasts, but also the non-organic forms that make up their armor and weaponry. Follow the creation process from initial concept through to final illustration and find out how to create some mind-blowing armored beasts!
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • Digital Art Masters: Volume 8

    21 Review(s)
    "Amazing" - Damian, 25 May 2019
    " Another briliant book with a lot of great works ;] "
    Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 is not your typical digital art gallery book. While it does showcase stunning work from 50 of the best international artists, it also includes detailed tutorials explaining how each image was created. Each artist offers insight into their workflow and the methods they employ when it comes to creating a professional piece, from the early concept stage through to the final product. In addition, this year's volume boasts a selection of unique, never-before-seen images for your viewing pleasure. If you're looking to be inspired and learn something at the same time then Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 ticks all of the boxes.

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $6.24

  • Designing Droids (Download Only)

    17 Review(s)
    "Very Informative" - Char, 12 October 2018
    " Very good information if you're trying to figure out how to begin designing mech. "
    Digital art has it place in many industries, but none of these rely on it as much as the games industry! Obviously games are made of many elements, but you could argue that the most important element of any game is the characters. In this eBook series our artists will be showing us how to design droids as if there were doing it within the games industry. This will involve them coming up with the design and showing you how to develop it to the point where they will even show you how to create the technical drawings for a 3D Modeler!
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art

    12 Review(s)
    "Perfect startup" - Nejc, 9 August 2018
    " This book is an excellent tool to use when you need starting points, guidance and inspiration on how to dive in to the manga art. The interpretation is user friendly, giving enough technical and practical advice, and also an interesting reading material. My drawing abilities are improwing as i follow the book's guidance. "
    Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art explores the topic of manga art, starting from basic character design and progressing to full color images. Industry greats including Steven Cummings and Gonzalo Ordoñez open a window into their world and present tutorials covering everything from drawing features, anatomy and expressions to designing clothing, perfecting poses and coloring characters with a variety of traditional and digital artistic tools. Bursting with knowledge and brilliant artwork, Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art is an unmissable title for anyone wanting to learn how to capture that classic manga style.
    Incl. Tax: $19.96

  • 3ds Max character creation (Download Only)

    11 Review(s)
    "Great Overview of Character Creation" - Juan, 20 June 2018
    " I love this eBook. I’ve always admired Andrew Hickinbottom’s work. And it’s great to peak into his workflow. I had a project where I needed to create a stylized female character. I followed this guide and did very well. A couple of cons: It’s more of a guide than a tutorial. It’s pretty short. But the price is right. And I still refer to it when working on a female character 5 years after my original purchase. "
    Andrew Hickinbottom has notoriously kept his character-creation secrets close to his chest. He reveals all in this helpful project breakdown of his popular stylized character, Olivia. Discover how he tackles modeling, texturing, lighting, and even how he creates convincing backgrounds to sell his characters in the money shot!
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • Design & create quadruped beasts in ZBrush (Download Only)

    10 Review(s)
    "Extremely good tips" - tommy, 22 March 2017
    " I loved this Ebook, and ive ordered alot from 3dtotal. This had great tips, good info on the workflow. Highly reccomended. "
    Bring your imagination to life with our pro guide to concepting and crafting remarkable creatures using ZBrush. Each tutorial covers concept to final illustration to help you see and learn the entire process by the experts. You'll be sculpting your own organic beings in no time!
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • Elysium - The Art of Daarken - SOLD OUT!

    10 Review(s)
    "An awesome book" - jonathan, 2 March 2019
    " Amazing book with astonishing illustrations and details. All in the book is high quality. A fantasy lover must have this book. 100% recommended "
    Take a trip through Daarken's mind as you travel from epic fantasy to contemporary beauty in Elysium - The Art of Daarken, the culmination of the past four years of this freelance artist's work in the gaming industry. This exciting journey covers a selection of personal illustrations and private commissions, as well as previously unseen pieces for world-famous franchises such as Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast) and World of Warcraft (Blizzard). If you are a fan of fantasy and sci-fi art, then this book will suit your every need and leave you longing for more.
    Incl. Tax: $27.45

  • Topology (Download Only)

    9 Review(s)
    "Great for Beginners" - Nicolas, 7 February 2018
    " As an industrial designer, i struggled a lot to find some info regarding topology for products. Even if the first half of this book talks about a character, it helped me a lot to get me started and understand the second one that talks about a product (weapon). Of course this is a short book, so a lot is missing, but i think this is a perfect start for someone at rookie level. "
    With all topics and skills there are core subjects that must be considered and understood in order to get the best results. When working in 3D, one of those is topology. In this series of tutorials Diego Maia will be talking us through the creation of his interesting character, while explaining how to ensure that your polygons are evenly distributed, ensuring your models can be animated and posed cleanly and efficiently.

    Regular Price: $12.42

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $3.74

  • Dreamscape (Download Only)

    8 Review(s)
    "Impressive!" - Rogerio Esteves, 7 September 2016
    " I work in the TV business as a Cameraman and I love learning art with 3D Total but this happens to cross my eyes as a new Ebook and since it combined video,2D paintings and compositing I had to check it out and I am pretty impressed by the detailed way they show you in such a short ebook! Bravo! I wasn't expecting this being so cool! "
    The Dreamscape animation is an amazing project led by the superbly talented Jama Jurabaev. In this eBook series Jama will be walking us through the processes that he and his team used to create this mind-blowing short. From concepts and storyboards through to live-action compositing, no rock is left unturned as Jama explains how you too can use some simple tricks and methods to create professional quality, live-action animations without needing a professional budget.

    Regular Price: $12.42

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $3.74

  • Blending 3d and Photography (Download Only)

    7 Review(s)
    "Really good" - Jean, 14 January 2019
    " I learned a lot by reading this book, The author shows step by step how to get the result, a very good book. "
    Mixing 3D and photography is a real skill and you've probably seen it attempted with varying results, as balancing an image containing photographs and rendered 3D elements can be very difficult. Often the 3D in the scene will stick out like a saw thumb. In this eBook Andrzej Sykut will be showing us how to achieve the perfect blend of 3D and photography by demonstrating the best way to take and prepare your photographs as well as create, light and render the geometry you would like to add to you images. Not only is this amazing technique demonstrated in detail but is illustrated with amazing results.

    Regular Price: $12.42

    Special Price Incl. Tax: $3.74

  • 3DCreative: Issue 096 - August 2013 (Download Only)

    7 Review(s)
    "Excellent" - Ben, 16 March 2014
    " Great issue packed with great info. I especially like the tutorial by Andrew Hickinbottom. "
    At first glance, you'll notice our usual top-notch artwork on the front cover and the usual references to the amazing content inside; but take a look beyond that familiar shell to where our tutorials usually reside, and you'll encounter a brand new design: We've changed our layouts!
  • How to animate characters (Download Only)

    6 Review(s)
    "Very Useful" - Ian, 5 July 2016
    " A great book, it has a little something for all level's, the very clear video and image reference help to follow along, just when I thought I'd learnt everything there was to know about walk and run cycles as well as pushing a heavy object this book shows me a few tips and trick to get a little more out of my shots. Highly recommend. "
    Camilo Duarte Franco, a feature film animator at MPC, reveals how to create convincing character movement, including walking, climbing stairs, running and jumping, 'sneak' movements and pushing weight. In this six-chapter e-book you'll discover detailed industry standard techniques plus helpful downloadable video tutorials to further explain the software processes and pro tips for you to apply to your own work.
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • 2DArtist: Issue 085 - January 2013 (Download Only)

    6 Review(s)
    "great Mag" - Mike, 3 February 2014
    " The pdf of this mag was great. Very inspiring and usefull stuff in it. "
    Welcome to the January issue of 2DArtist and Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the festive break and that you‘re looking forward to an exciting year with 2DArtist as the new year brings new and exciting tutorial series from some very talented artists.

Items 1 to 15 of 51 total

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