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  • Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi

    14 Review(s)
    "Great Book for Sketching and to get new inpiration" - Philipp, 31 May 2017
    " I have bought this book a few weeks ago and I don't want to miss the inpiration I get and the learning effect it has to my drawings. You can watch the great drawings in this book and get great tips how to draw traditional and find a way while drawing to get new inspiration. You needn't read page after page. It invites you to read the pages your are most interrested at first. There are colored and black and white drawings.Itsa book, I think you take back to your hands and reading after years and it's fun again. Great book!!! "
    Sketches and drawings are the foundations of great art, where thoughts and concepts first come to life as an image. In Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi, 50 talented traditional and digital artists showcase their sketches, share their inspirations, and explain their approaches to drawing sci-fi art. From doodles of robots and aliens, to concept designs for spaceships and speculative life-forms, Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi is a visually stunning collection packed with useful tips and creative insights – an invaluable resource that will inspire artists of all abilities.
    Incl. Tax: $22.46

  • Step-by-step Photoshop environments (Download Only)

    10 Review(s)
    "Intimidation killer :)" - Benjamin, 8 August 2018
    " After reading this book, I still look at superstar Photoshop painters creations with awe, but my first thought is NOT that it's completely out of reach :) Essential purchase ! "
    Practical tutorials by top artists in their field present step-by-step guides to help you create stunning cityscapes, epic landscapes, and depict dramatic shots. Learn how to paint 3 different environments over 10 chapters with pro tuition from Richard Tilbury, Donglu Yu, and Ignacio Bazan Lazcano, who reveal the fundamentals of creating visual art and the principal techniques employed in Photoshop.
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters

    8 Review(s)
    "Great introduction" - Rodney, 14 January 2019
    " This is a great introduction to the world of digital painting and 2D character design. It does a very good job of progressing from the very simple to the very complex. Wherever your skill-level currently is, you should get a good amount of benefit from this book. From designing a very simple character to the very thorough, thoughtful process demonstrated by Derek Stenning, this is a great start for anyone looking to get their feet wet or improve their existing 2D character design chops. Highly recommended. "
    Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting: Characters is a comprehensive guide for artists wishing to create convincing and detailed characters. It features established artists such as Charlie Bowater (concept artist at Atomhawk) and Derek Stenning (freelance concept artist and illustrator, with clients including Marvel Entertainment and Nintendo) who share their industry experiences by covering such aspects as posing characters, choosing the correct costumes, conveying emotions, and creating suitable moods. Comprehensive step-by-step instructions – including a quick tips section that covers how to paint elements that are integral to character design – make this an invaluable resource for those looking to learn new skills, as well as those pursuing the next level.
    Incl. Tax: $37.44

  • Design a Fantasy World (Download Only)

    8 Review(s)
    "Worth the money" - Abdullah, 7 February 2018
    " Lots of techniques That will help you to improve your drawing "
    Whether you're looking to design a fictional universe for a videogame or a fantastical environment for a film, YongSub Noh reveals the key techniques and considerations when concepting a fantasy world from scratch. The tutorials included provide expert tips for characters, creatures, vehicle design, as well as several environment concepts.
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • 2DArtist: Issue 111 - March 2015 (Download Only)

    6 Review(s)
    "I love stylized characters" - Alberto, 4 September 2017
    " I found this issue very cheap and interesting. It's not very common find articles talking about stylized characters, although it's just a small part. I would like to buy an special issue wich talk just about designers who have a unique style. "
    For anyone interested in stylized designs, this one’s for you. We meet a rising star in the digital art world, Mike Azevedo; learn industry tips from this month’s cover artist, Amin Faramarzeyan; admire Fernando Forero’s detailed sketches; and Simon Dominic introduces Painter 2015’s newest features.
  • Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 7

    4 Review(s)
    "Amazing art and techniques" - Alec, 29 November 2016
    " Another exceptional book, full of inspiration and techniques. These books really help me develop as an artist. I now have the seires. "
    In Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 7 you will discover a variety of artists’ methods for creating perfect pin-ups, impressive vehicles, breathtaking environments, magnificent mythological creatures, and much more! Plus you will learn how to craft matte paintings using Cinema 4D and brush up on your speed painting techniques. Browse for inspiration and to pick up top tips or follow project workflows in more detail with the step-by-step tutorials – either way, you’ll open up the book and find something valuable to take away. Useful for intermediate digital artists and professionals, this title is another must-have for any digital artist’s bookshelf!
    Incl. Tax: $37.44

  • 2DArtist: Issue 109 - January 2015 (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    "A step ahead every other magazines!" - Giampaolo, 7 June 2015
    " This mag is just incredible, if u re interested in getting professional at this job or you re just in love with 2dART just go ahead and buy it! "
    Welcome to our first issue of 2015, packed with top tutorials and resources to get your year off to a creative start! Try learning the basics of painting a snowy landscape, or creating magical characters in Photoshop with Cristina Lavina, or discovering matte painting techniques with Davide Binello.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 112 - April 2015 (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    "Refreshing" - James, 4 August 2015
    " Great to finally find a magazine with the inspiration and tutorials that i have been trying to find. Topping it off with nice layout and great interviews, I will be buying a subscription. "
    In this month’s issue you’ll find stunning imagery and brilliant ways to get sketching and painting characters. Sabrina Miramon shares her process of painting a themed pin-up girl, as well as an exclusive interview. We learn how to sketch a believable character with Brun Croes and explore dynamic characters with Hugo Richard!
    Incl. Tax: $3.73

  • Master mood portrayal in Photoshop (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "my guide" - ROSARIO, 11 January 2017
    " Has helped me with my guide and inspirations. "
    Talented artists Francisco Albert, Wojtek Fus, and Mike Azevedo share their methods and tricks for portraying character and atmosphere in this insightful guide. Learn step-by-step techniques for building up an evocative image, how to use lively brushstrokes to depict anger, and how to use lighting to create a narrative and captivate the viewer. You’ll be a master of moods in no time!
    Incl. Tax: $12.42

  • 2DArtist: Issue 120 - December 2015 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Amazing" - Damian, 14 January 2016
    " Love this magazine, it's not my last issue for sure. "
    In this month’s issue we have an interview with Lip Comarella, the art director behind animation studio Salon Alpin. We are also talking to traditional artist Scarlett Fu and get a peek at the sketches of the highly popular Marija Tiurina.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 117 - September 2015 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Fantastic Magazine - Excellent Tutorials!" - Shari, 3 November 2015
    " I bought this issue because of Loish's artwork, but have been loving all of the tutorials that 2D Artist contains, and have even purchased some back issues to complement my learning. This magazine is so good that I'm planning to get an annual subscription -- as currently it's the one great magazine for digital art / painting, and the best way I've found to learn new techniques. Definitely a must buy. "
    This month’s issue features an interview with videogame artist Sung Choi. We also get to speak to the amazing Loish about her upcoming artbook and her successful Kickstarter campaign.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 114 - June 2015 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Great issue" - Andreas, 5 August 2015
    " Great issue, was especially interesting to read an interview with a concept artist from my own country (Rasmus Berggren) "
    We’ve got an exciting mix of sci-fi and fantasy for you this month! Issue 114 brings you an insightful interview with illustrator and concept artist, Brun Croes filled with invaluable advice. Brun Croes also pops up in our tutorial section as he demonstrates how to develop a scene using sketching techniques.
  • FREE ISSUE - 2DArtist: Issue 116 - August 2015 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "2dartist" - corre, 8 September 2015
    " good magazine, for inspiration, and whorkshop and not expensive very good "
    In this month’s issue we are featuring the talented Paul Canavan who talks about his work as a games artist. We also have a showcase of drawings by traditional artist Christo Dagorov, and bright 30-minute paintings from prolific speed painter Afanur Rashid.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 119 - November 2015 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Unexpectedly good" - DRice, 7 December 2015
    " I ordered this by accident thinking I was getting the 3D version. Quite a surprise, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Might have to order the next one... "
    This month features a speed paint tutorial by Donglu Yu on creating an historic landscape in only two hours, a tutorial on digital painting in the style of Peter Paul Rubens, and Ignacio Lazcano and Juan Novelletto show how to design a robot exosuit and then use it in a dynamic sci-fi scene.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 110 - February 2015 (Download Only)

    1 Review(s)
    "Interesting design vehicle concepts." - Enrique, 2 March 2015
    " He always had a thought and this magazine are performed, into something real... second delivery and I am very satisfied. "
    If fantasy environments and cool characters are your thing, you’re in the right place! We interview Paul Sullivan, Art Director of colorful animation 'The Book of Life', and traditional artist Marco Mazzoni, who’s mastered the colored pencils ‒ just wait until you set eyes on his stunning renders!
    Incl. Tax: $3.73

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