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  • Sketching from the Imagination: Characters

    26 Review(s)
    "Excellent and inspiring." - Cian, 11 October 2019
    " A wealth of artists bios, insights and an excellent chunk of their design/sketching process. It's a tough boo to put down and I keep finding something new. A must buy for those interested in character design. "
    In Sketching from the Imagination: Characters, fifty exceptional traditional and digital artists have been chosen to share their sketches. Ranging from the creations of veteran artists with years of experience to those of brilliant students and new artistic talent, this book showcases character art with an incredible range of styles, techniques, and inspirations. Featuring personal reflections and creative insights from each artist, and hundreds of lavishly presented images, Sketching from the Imagination: Characters is a perfect book for any lover of sketching or character design, whatever the genre or medium.
    Incl. Tax: $22.07

  • Character Design Quarterly - Subscription

    21 Review(s)
    "Entirely Inspiring" - Mark, 6 July 2020
    " I found some of these in a bookstore while in Paris, and I think character design is what I truly am looking to do in the field of art. CDQ has been immensely helpful in finding this passion and discovering all the different concepts that go into character design "
    Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) is an exciting print magazine for illustrators, artists, animators and character art enthusiasts. Releasing four times a year, the magazine offers inspirational and educational articles, tutorials and interviews from top industry professionals specifically geared to helping artists hone their character design skills. This unique, engaging magazine provides a regular stream of insider knowledge and illuminating advice from experienced professionals and freelancers to help artists of all skill levels improve their workflow and designs.
  • Beginner's Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay

    20 Review(s)
    "Solid!" - Maxim, 14 March 2020
    " A solid foundation for beginners who have no experience in clay sculpting. If you just started then you could find these step-by-step tutorials very useful. Its not about technics only but attitude and process steps. Quality of book is superior! Good choice if you like sculpting and can afford it. "
    Discover the immersive art of clay sculpting with comprehensive tutorials from renowned professional sculptors including Glauco Longhi and Romain Van den Bogaert. Explore key tools and materials, following the sculpting process from developing a character and creating armatures through to perfecting the final details and setting your sculpture. Featuring an introduction to sculpting by The Shiflett Brothers, Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay is suitable for both complete sculpting novices and digital sculptors wanting to explore traditional techniques, covering all the essential components needed to create beautiful, clay character sculptures.
    Incl. Tax: $30.66

  • Beginner's Guide to ZBrush

    18 Review(s)
    "Excellent!" - Gerard, 28 October 2019
    " Like so many out there, I have struggled to come to terms with Z-Brush and it's more than a little unique way of doing things. Even as someone who has taught design student visual communication, and worked professionally in 3D, my trying to lean Z-Brush from the vast array of stuff out there has been a massive challenge. As the quote goes - "You must think in Russian...". In three days of sitting down with this book, I have learnt (and done) more than I have in the past year. I put this down to the simple fact that right up front, in simple to understand terms, they teach you how to 'think like Z-brush'. And once you do that, you can break through the ceiling and can get on with learning to use it as a modeller, instead of pulling your hair out wondering how to make it 'go'. The book is beautifully produced, with excellent images (plenty of of screen grabs), very well written text and a clear flow. The three projects walk you through all you need to know to really get going with a majority of the tools and power hidden within. But be warned! While it's brilliant and a must for anyone trying to learn ZB, it does not cover everything and there are areas that need explaining or more detail. For me, the 'Intro to Z-Brush' videos by 'Flipped Normals' are a brilliant companion to the book, helping to pad, or flesh out aspects that are either not covered, or explained in depth within the book. That the videos are very professional yet 'conversational', make the series a perfect match for the book and I am now going between the two to get deeper into ZB. "
    Pixologic's ZBrush is the 3D world's premier digital sculpting software, widely used to create high-quality models for the video game, film, animation, and many other industries. Its uniquely intuitive approach to modeling makes it a fantastic asset for any creator hoping to realize their ideas in 3D. To usher students and 3D newcomers into comfortably using this powerful software, Beginner's Guide to ZBrush presents a thorough introduction to the program with in-depth, accessible tutorials that will guide you through ZBrush's essential tools and techniques. Covering key concepts to help you get to grips with the principles of 3D, step-by-step organic, hard-surface, and mixed-surface sculpting workflows, and an overview of external rendering and 3D printing.
    Incl. Tax: $36.80

  • The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

    16 Review(s)
    "I could carry this book with me - anywhere" - John, 20 May 2019
    " Extremely useful book to read whenever I have self-doubt about working in concept art. It does not hold back on anything about this career path I want to hear about. I enjoyed reading all the profiles and experiences of concept artists and how they build their lifestyle around their artistic career. If anyone is looking to get into concept art as a career, this is the right book to buy and carry around with you. It gives out the right advice, the pros and cons of all the known software and what to expect when going into the industry (animation, gaming, etc). "
    The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide is an expert-led handbook to help you launch, sustain, and evolve a career as an artist in the entertainment industry. With helpful insights and encouragement from experienced freelance artists and leading industry professionals, learn how to create a winning portfolio, develop your online presence, and handle the ups and downs of an art career. Incorporating education and training suggestions, interview tips, and best practice advice, this guide is ideal preparation for anyone wanting to develop a career as a professional concept artist, and artists hoping to explore new career options or considering freelance work.
    Incl. Tax: $24.53

  • Mythical Beasts

    12 Review(s)
    "Worth purchasing" - Sabina, 1 August 2018
    " The book itself is beautifully done - solid construction, breathtaking golden ornaments and enjoyable content. It's a great book for getting inside an artist's mind, as well as just staring at sketches in awe. The cardgame is hard to understand at first, but with friend's help it managable. I am happy with the purchase!! "


    Join thirty fearless artists as they explore and develop concepts for a treasure trove of fascinating mythical beasts. Journey around the globe and unearth the secrets of fantasy favorites and more provincial mysteries, including the legendary unicorn, the elusive yeti, the Slavic leshy, and the Japanese nue, to name just a few! Each creature has its own chapter that covers an overview of its history, how to detail main elements, such as fur and horns, and the thought process behind the artist’s design. Let your imagination run wild and discover the captivating subspecies of each creature, such as the Arctic boggart and humpback kraken. Mythical Beasts is a spellbinding anthology for fantasy lovers, creature artists, or any intrepid adventurer looking to investigate the enchanting world of cryptozoology.

    Incl. Tax: $36.80

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: Male & female planar busts

    10 Review(s)
    "Great reference for drawing!" - Chelsey, 11 March 2020
    " High quality product that has helped me with drawing difficult angles and finding great lighting for portraits. The busts are nice and sturdy, and the different styles of detail on either side are a great lighting check between big shapes and more detailed work. Would recommend to any artist out there! "

    Please note, this will go on back order until approximately 1 October.

    Simplify the human head into angular sections of shadow or light that represent the main landmarks and volumes required to convey an accurate face.
    Incl. Tax: $110.43

  • The Sketchbook of Loish - with signed bookplate

    8 Review(s)
    "Lovely insight, NO Tutorial-book" - Lydia, 2 July 2018
    " I've seen the book a couple f times while searching for Art on Instagram and fell in love with it right away. It is a great book to actually follow the artists process of creating characters and/ or the environment. I would recommend this artbook to anyone who is interested in developing their own art style. This book is more of an insight of her sketchbook rather than a book with tutorials. Keep this in mind before purchasing! "
    Over 25,000 copies sold worldwide!
    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Loish.

    The Sketchbook of Loish is the second published book by digital artist Loish (Lois van Baarle) after it was successfully funded on Kickstarter in four minutes. Showcasing a wide range of her traditional and digital sketches, this book features exclusive artwork, both old and new, by Loish, ranging from character sketches to environmental speed paints. Loish also offers insight and advice on key topics such as stylization and sketch development, making it a useful book for any artist looking for tips on approaching digital sketching as well as admirers of Loish’s work.

    Incl. Tax: $28.21

  • Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts

    6 Review(s)
    "Beautiful compilation of work!" - Rosemary, 12 November 2018
    " This book is amazing for finding out more about some of the best contemporary artists that have a love for dark fantasy and the macabre. I bought this as a gift and they adore it! I'm just disappointed that shortly after purchasing this book there was an offer to get 3 prints which I missed out on. "
    Following on from the success of previous titles in this popular series, Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts focuses on horror, Gothic, and the macabre. Glimpse inside the sketchbooks of fifty accomplished artists from various fields.
    Incl. Tax: $24.53

  • The Artist's Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Head

    3 Review(s)
    "Excellent reference for the multidisciplinary artist" - Rosemary, 22 January 2019
    " This book is fantastic for multidisciplinary artists. Not only does it provide extensive reference for 2D traditional artists, but also traditional sculptors and digital sculptors too! Must-have for anyone interested in portraiture or character design. "
    The Artist's Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Head is an essential reference guide designed to help you not only understand anatomical forms and features but also to learn how to accurately and effectively portray emotion in any character-based artwork.
    Incl. Tax: $26.98

  • Figure Drawing for Concept Artists

    3 Review(s)
    "Highly recommended to anyone interested in tradition figure drawing" - Chung, 20 November 2017
    " This is not like your conventional figure drawing art book. It doesn't focus on naming the third muscle in your big toe or what a trapezius is. Instead, Kan chooses to focus on approach and mind sets. Personally, I find this much more relative. I have found Kan's book to be an interesting read and breathe of fresh air. Kan goes in-depth on many subjects such as tools and materials, from what type of paper to use, to putty rubbers and how to properly sharpen pencils. Kan's work is exceptional and his mark making skills are second to none. I particularly liked the drawing techniques and gesture sections. I aim to introduce the sort dynamism in my work that he achieves in his. I will certainly refer back to his book next time I tackle a character study, as it has a wealth of knowledge and reference material. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to enter a world of tradition figure drawing. "


    Accessibly written and lavishly illustrated by respected concept artist Kan Muftic, this book celebrates the common ground between traditional life drawing and the fast-paced world of the concept art industry. Learn about the skills, techniques, and mindset needed to make successful life drawings, how to capture the forms of the human body on paper, and how to improve your character and concept art with a dynamic approach to figures and anatomy. Figure Drawing for Concept Artists offers a unique, up-to-date perspective on classical skills, with the contemporary practitioner in mind.

    Incl. Tax: $28.21

  • FREE MAGAZINE - Total Issue 01 (Download Only)

    2 Review(s)
    "Excellent" - Ryan, 31 May 2019
    " Extremely high quality content, free of charge. Thank you for continuing to provide budding artists and enthusiasts in even the nichest of areas with well written, detailed information such as the stuff available in Total Magazine. "
    In the very first issue you will be treated to an introduction to the 3dtotal team, and an insight into some of the projects we are working on at the moment. Additionally you can enjoy some of our sci-fi themed articles and tutorials which we hope will help take your own work to the next step.
    Incl. Tax: Free!

  • Cozy Days: The Art of Iraville - with signed bookplate

    2 Review(s)
    "wonderful book with many insights" - lea, 12 May 2020
    " We love this book. Its full of magical illustration and wonderful tips <3 "
    This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Iraville.

    Cozy Days: The Art of Iraville is a collection of the best work by popular illustrator Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde, also known as Iraville. This lavish hardback book presents hundreds of colorful paintings of nature, small towns, idyllic scenes, and charming characters, as well as offering insights into Ira’s career path, watercolor painting process, and hand-crafted materials.

    Incl. Tax: $28.21

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 02

    2 Review(s)
    "Great Magazine" - Nick, 16 May 2020
    " a fun and interesting magazine full of tips and inspiration specifically aimed at character design. across the issues it covers many things from expressing emotions, narrative in design, colour theory, as well as interviews with established artists and much more. check out more creative book reviews at: cheers :) "
    Character Design Quarterly issue 02 is bursting full of inspiration for artists, animators, illustrators and character art enthusiasts. Featuring detailed tutorials from talented professional artists Hicham Habchi, Andrea Femerstrand, Donna Lee and Enrique Fernández, the second issue of this refreshing high-quality print magazine is an excellent resource for anyone looking to develop their character creation skills.
    Incl. Tax: $13.50

  • 3dtotal Anatomy: Female planar bust

    2 Review(s)
    "Highly recommended though I received a stained and seemingly old stock" - Rose, 11 October 2018
    " The quality of the product is great. Though when it arrived, it had stains. There was a slightly grayish layer around the bust. A few scratches here and there. Though the product itself is very useful. It is one of the best references that helped me do bust sculptures. ---- Any issues with quality please email "
    Simplify the human head into angular sections of shadow or light that represent the main landmarks and volumes required to convey an accurate face.
    Incl. Tax: $61.35

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