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  • Demon Chaser (Download Only)

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    Low-Poly characters with painted textures can seem a little old school at times, but in this series Tamara Bakhlycheva embraces the old style and shows us how to do it well with fascinating results. In this eBook Tamara will walk us through the entire process, from the basic modeling through to texture painting and posing. Most of the steps will be taken in Maya, but there will also be an opportunity to look at the benefits of using other pieces of software in your workflow. If you are interested in making low-poly games characters this is the eBook for you.

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  • Richard Tilbury's Mountain Stronghold (Download Only)

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    Suitable for all 3D software, and also using Photoshop, this eBook teaches you how to create a fantasy scene inspired by real world architecture, and how to use reference photos to get stunning effects quickly and easily. Also covered is a great system that can be used to quickly create high quality 3D stills.
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  • Creature Concept Design (Download Only)

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    This 50-page eBook, created by Mike Corriero for 3DTotal, covers all areas of creature design, providing you with the necessary information to create your own unique concepts from scratch.
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