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Eva Wild: Part 1 - Modeling


The Eva Wild series provides comprehensive lessons that lead to the production of a complete, anatomically correct, textured and fully rigged female character. Professional 3ds Max instructors guide the viewer in a very step-by-step process, making this training series suitable for artists of all levels.

Part one of this three part training DVD series covers the modelling process of the Eva Wild character. There are 14 hours of comprehensive training that can be followed by artists of all levels. The instructor teaches the importance of studying human anatomy throughout the stages and provides clear diagrams showing muscle flow and bone structure for each section.

The training is presented and broken down in easy to follow steps, with several movies in each section. The earlier sections are also accompanied with printable PDF documents to assist the viewing and following process of the student.

Product details
Author: Ltd
Software: 3ds Max
Format: DVD
Total movie length: 14 hrs
Movie format: Full resolution Flash Player movies (.SWF)
Interface:HTML interface
Platform:PC and Mac
Browsers:Compatible with all browsers
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