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  • Character Design Quarterly - Sample Issue (Download Only)

    3 Review(s)
    This sample issue features a fantastic collection of tips and tutorials from talented artists, including Shaun Bryant, Avner Geller, and Stephanie Rizo. Additionally, Ida Hem builds a sense of disappointment into her character to create a cohesive story, and Almu Redondo shows how she uses standard practices from other disciplines, such as psychology and method acting, to innovate her design choices. You can also find inspiring words and invaluable career insights from renowned artists Meg Park, Kenneth Anderson, and Max Ulichney. Enjoy!
  • Human Head Anatomy: Stylization (Download Only)

    Join three talented artists (Pablo Muñoz Gómez, Sylwia Bomba and Abigail Larson) as they explore key expressions and demonstrate how emotion can be manifested in varying and subtle ways.
    Incl. Tax: $7.38

  • Human Head Anatomy: Planes of the Head (Download Only)

    Understanding the planes of the head is a valuable tool for any artist who wants to create well-proportioned and recognizable faces. This eBook approaches the human head from a planar perspective to help you quickly capture its major anatomical landmarks.
    Incl. Tax: $7.38

  • Human Head Anatomy: Expressions & Emotions (Download Only)

    Facial muscles are responsible for forming all the expressions we make. This eBook explores the key movements involved for different emotions, helping you translate these to your own artwork to ensure your character expressions are accurate and relatable.
    Incl. Tax: $7.38

  • Human Head Anatomy: Defining Structure (Download Only)

    In order to create realistic and recognisable portraits and sculptures, it is vital that artists become familiar with the human skull. This eBook introduces the skull's basic proportions and the muscle structure under the surface of the face.
    Incl. Tax: $7.38

  • The Sketchbook of Loish - Playing cards

    The Sketchbook of Loish is the second published book by digital artist Loish (Lois van Baarle) after it was successfully funded on Kickstarter in four minutes. Showcasing a wide range of her traditional and digital sketches, this book features exclusive artwork, both old and new. To complement her fantastic art book 3dtotal have created this set of playing cards, featuring some of Loish's amazing traditional and digital sketches on a standard sized set of playing cards. Grab your pack now to play your favorite card games while enjoying the work of one of your favorite artists.
    Incl. Tax: $6.15

  • FREE CHAPTER - Beginner's Guide to Sketching: Robots, Vehicles & Sci-fi Concepts

    Free downloadable sample chapter from Beginner's Guide to Sketching: Robots, Vehicles & Sci-fi Concepts
    Incl. Tax: Free!

  • Character Design Quarterly issue 07

    1 Review(s)
    Inside issue 07, designers including Steph Laberis and Haley Justice offer valuable lessons, such as how to make impactful changes to your designs through the use of shape language, and transforming animals into memorable and successful characters. Eduardo Vieira composes a quartet of distinctive characters with an intrinsic connection – heavy-metal music! Combatting stereotypes is tackled by Anthony Wheeler, and Jens A. Larsen Aas has advice on strengthening characters through simple stylistic effects. Discover informative insights into the entertainment industry as Dani Diez, Elsa Chang, and Dirk van Dulmen discuss their creative practices. Meanwhile, Isadora Zeferino and Sheena Dempsey lead us through the fascinating world of the children’s book industry. Finally, cover illustrator Cécile Carre shares the skills that have propelled her from qualified engineer to accomplished character designer.
    Incl. Tax: $13.56

8 Item(s)

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