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3dtotal's anatomical collection: male planar figure


Understand the fundamental shapes and volumes that build up the male body with 3dtotal's male planar figure...

Whether you use pencil and paper, paintbrushes, clay, or any form of digital art software, our figures will be invaluable if you want to understand the form and structure of human anatomy. The male planar reference figure is a neutrally posed, athletic build male standing at 11-inches tall. The size and low price tag make this model a perfect desktop reference, while also maintaining all the detail you'll need.

The figure has been sculpted for 3dtotal by Dan Crossland, printed using a top quality 3D printer by Ownage, and then cast in grey resin to make the variation in the surfaces and directional flow of the forms and shapes easy to see and understand. The planar version is perfect for artists looking to visualise the human body in its simplest forms, and is great for light and shading studies, as well as for 3D artists looking for better understanding of the shapes and volumes that build up the body.

The figure was part of a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2014, raising £21,053 to ensure that 3dtotal could continue to produce high-quality, low-cost reference figures for your drawing and sculpting needs. Other figures in the collection and bundle offers can be found by clicking here.

Of course, there are also our original half-and-half male and female figures – if you haven't grabbed one of these comprehensive desktop references yet!

Product details
Cast in neutral grey resin
11-inches/27.5cm tall
Weight approx 340 grams