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3dtotal's anatomical collection: male biosuit figure


For use as a reference tool or an amazing collection piece, Alessandro Baldasseroni's biosuit model showcases how to convincingly fit armour over human anatomy...

The goal with the biosuit version is to reveal how to create convincing armour that fits the human anatomy perfectly. So often we see character submissions to the 3dtotal galleries that simply wouldn't be able to move if the concept existed in the real world. Alessandro Baldasseroni, of Blur Studio fame was tasked to create a biosuit design that showed exactly how it fits the male form, while still allowing the wearer to fight like a champ.

The statue will give you a solid understanding of how to build your own effective biosuit and armour designs. While we have designed just one biosuit, the possibilities of what you can create are endless! The important thing is to realise how to design for the human form.

You can also buy a half-biosuit/half-skin if you want to be able to see exactly how the armour fits on his body.

Of course, there are also our original half-and-half male and female figures – if you haven't grabbed one of these comprehensive desktop references yet!

Product details
Cast in neutral grey resin
11-inches/27.5cm tall
Weight approx 480 grams



Regular Price: £60.00

Special Price £30.00