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  • 3DCreative: Issue 122 - October 2015 (Download Only)

    This month we get to know two brilliant and unconventional artists – Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, and Gleb Alexandrov of Creative Shrimp – and learn about their inspirations, careers, and impressive work ethics. We also take a look behind the scenes of some inspiring ZBrush work with James Suret, Marco Plouffe and Aram Hakze.

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  • Modeling Human Anatomy - Cinema 4D (Download Only)

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    When creating a model of a human character you have to know how you are going to produce accurate anatomy. As humans we spend a lot of time looking at people and for this reason we are all very talented at spotting mistakes, or anatomy that doesn't quite look right. A good model can easily be spoiled by an incorrectly modeled feature, such as a hand, or an ear. In this eBook we will be shown how to model some of the tricky features that regularly cause artists problems, and hopefully awkward looking anatomy will be a thing of the past.

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