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  • 3DCreative: Issue 122 - October 2015 (Download Only)

    This month we get to know two brilliant and unconventional artists – Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, and Gleb Alexandrov of Creative Shrimp – and learn about their inspirations, careers, and impressive work ethics. We also take a look behind the scenes of some inspiring ZBrush work with James Suret, Marco Plouffe and Aram Hakze.

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  • Modeling Human Anatomy - Cinema 4D (Download Only)

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    When creating a model of a human character you have to know how you are going to produce accurate anatomy. As humans we spend a lot of time looking at people and for this reason we are all very talented at spotting mistakes, or anatomy that doesn't quite look right. A good model can easily be spoiled by an incorrectly modeled feature, such as a hand, or an ear. In this eBook we will be shown how to model some of the tricky features that regularly cause artists problems, and hopefully awkward looking anatomy will be a thing of the past.

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  • 3DCreative: Issue 069 - May2011 (Download Only)

    In this series Tamara Bakhlycheva will show us the entire process she uses to create the images from the concept through to the final production of the image. In this first chapter she sets of at an alarming rate and talks about the concepts and models the character!
  • Swordmaster - Cinema 4D (Download Only)

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    Originally created by Seong-wha Jeong, the Swordmaster character has now been recreated in 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave and XSI by a talented team of artists. This precise, step-by-step tutorial shares how to produce this highly polished, low poly game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering.

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