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  • FX Particles and Dynamics in Maya (Download Only)

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    Branching out from creating stills, this new 3DTotal eBook will instead be looking at how to set up FX and particle systems in Maya. Industry pro Mike Zugschwert takes on the task of animating some of the most common and popular effects, with water, smoke and fire all included within this six-chapter series. With tips and tricks a plenty, and accompanying movies also included, this really is a great guide for anyone looking to improve their animation skills.
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  • Modeling Human Anatomy - Cinema 4D (Download Only)

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    When creating a model of a human character you have to know how you are going to produce accurate anatomy. As humans we spend a lot of time looking at people and for this reason we are all very talented at spotting mistakes, or anatomy that doesn't quite look right. A good model can easily be spoiled by an incorrectly modeled feature, such as a hand, or an ear. In this eBook we will be shown how to model some of the tricky features that regularly cause artists problems, and hopefully awkward looking anatomy will be a thing of the past.

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  • 3DCreative: Issue 042 - February 2009 (Download Only)

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    This month sees the start of yet another great ‘super series' in 3DCreative - this time we're talking gothic church interiors, for which five wonderful artists will talk us through the principal techniques used in building a church interior. And to make things slightly more interesting, we also welcome a modo artist to the series, in the form of Robert Bergh. So to re-cap, that's 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave and modo.
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