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3D Art - Modelling, Digital and Game Art

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  • 3DCreative: Issue 121 - September 2015 (Download Only)

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    This month’s issue is crammed with variety: from colorful cartoons and ZBrush robots to Houdini abstracts and toothy dinosaur-dragons, we’ve got something for everybody! We interview Teodoru Badiu and Ruben Alvarez about their inspiring careers, learn how to sculpt facial expressions with Djordje Nagulov, create abstract Houdini artwork with Niels Prayer, troubleshoot 3D printer problems with James W. Cain, and much more.

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  • Cedric Seaut's Character Modeling (Download Only)

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    The aim of this eBook is to provide both an efficient and methodical approach to creating characters that can encompass both organic and mechanical components and equip artists with the knowledge to learn techniques used by industry professionals. The series provides an in depth account of creating a character from the concept and base mesh stages through to the final detailing and high poly sculpt.

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