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  • 2DArtist Back Issues - 2010 (Download Only)

    All 12 issues of 2DArtist Magazine published in 2010.
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  • 2DArtist: Issue 058 - October 2010 (Download Only)

    For all of those who have been enjoying the Futuristic Marines series we have a slightly different twist on the subject this month. Alex Ruiz shows us that Futuristic marines don't have to be male to look tough, and explains how he broke away from his usual process to create his great locker room scene.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 057 - September 2010 (Download Only)

    This month we will start by mentioning the array of fantastic tutorials we have for you starting with our brand new series Painting Creatures from Folklore. This is a great new series that will be tackled by some fantastic artists, and we kick off with Andrei Pervukhin who will be talking us through researching and painting a Goblin. Many of you will remember Andrei's Sewer dwelling monster that made it onto the front cover of the May issue, well Andrei has done it again and has provided another fantastic image for this month's cover.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 056 - August 2010 (Download Only)

    This month 2DArtist managed to catch up with a lot of people's favorite artist Kerem Beyit. Kerem is the king of fantasy and he gives us a taste of his superb talents with a huge selection of great finished pieces. Kerem tells us how he found his way into the industry through hard work and plenty of practice. If dragons, swords and epic scenery are your thing this is the interview for you.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 055 - July 2010 (Download Only)

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    The first new tutorial up this month is a really exciting new series called Concept Art for Games. The aim of this series is to show how industry professionals would tackle a games brief in a professional environment. The first two chapters will be handled by the fantastically talented and experienced games artist Thomas Pringle. Thomas kicks of the series by creating the first of two environments based on the games brief created by the excellent artists participating in the series.
  • 2DArtist: Issue 054 - June 2010 (Download Only)

    Ok, so on to tutorials, and first up this month is the tutorial for our great cover image by Wei-Che Juan. Wei-Che, or Jason as he is known, will talk us through creating a creature that lives in a volcanic environment. He uses photos to create parts of his image and shows us how to give the image a feeling of immense heat.
  • Matte Painting (Download Only)

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    The Matte Painting eBook is a 39-page guide showing you, over fiveparts, the basics of Matte Painting, whilst also giving some more advanced techniques in the final chapter. Industry professional Tiberius Viris takes an interesting photograph and creates an easy-to-follow set of tutorials about how to add varying conditions to this - or any other - scene.
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  • Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2

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    Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 provides another thrilling opportunity to learn from some of the most accomplished and skilled digital artists from around the world. The second volume in this series covers a wide variety of themes and topics and provides in-depth tutorials to aid and inspire any digital artist, whether beginner or veteran.

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