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2DArtist: Issue 055 - July 2010 (Download Only)


Hello and welcome to the July issue of 2DArtist. I hope you are all making the most of the hot summer weather. July’s issue is full of great tutorials and amazing images with one clear theme: Science Fiction. This month is also a special issue as it contains not one, not two, but three new tutorials!

The first new tutorial up this month is a really exciting new series called Concept Art for Games. The aim of this series is to show how industry professionals would tackle a games brief in a professional environment. The first two chapters will be handled by the fantastically talented and experienced games artist Thomas Pringle. Thomas kicks of the series by creating the first of two environments based on the games brief created by the excellent artists participating in the series.

The second new tutorial series starting this month is Painting Futuristic Marines. In this series we plan to show you how to create original marines that have been designed to survive in different environments. Svetlin Velinov kicks of the series by showing us how to create a futuristic marine being attacked by worm creatures. Svetlin also shows us cool techniques for adding texture to you marines armour.

Our third new tutorial this month is Custom Brushes for Sci-Fi. In this series our artists will be showing us how to create custom brushes for different sci-fi scenes, and this month will be handled by the excellent Jama Jurabaev. Jama shows us how he used custom brushes to create an amazing asteroid field, and has also prepared some videos to show his workflow.

As promised in last month’s editorial we have the final chapter of Chee Ming Wong’s fantastic Steampunk tutorial. In his final chapter he completes his tour of his Steampunk world by taking us into the heart of the Steampunk city.

This month’s fantastic Futuristic City and cover image has been made for us by 2DArtist regular Ignacio Bazan Lazcano. Ignacio shares some really useful tips with us including how to create repeatable patterns that disappear into the distance of our Futuristic Trade Centre.

Our July interview comes from the fantastically unique Loopy Dave. Dave has a great sense of humor and tells us how he makes amazing illustrations using a mouse! And for the sketchbook we’ve got Jon McCoy. Jon is an excellent young UK-based artist, and he shares some really great sketches with us and shows us some final pieces.

Vinod More is this month’s making of artist, and he shows us how he brings plant and machine together to create his excellent image “It’s a new world”. This issue is really full of some amazing tutorials and artwork and that filters through in to this month’s gallery which features great artwork from Jason Seiler, Serge Birault, Ioan Dumitrescu and many other brilliant artists.

So enjoy!


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