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2DArtist: Issue 058 - October 2010 (Download Only)


Hello and welcome to the October issue of 2DArtist. If you are anything like me, you are already wondering where the nice sunny days have gone and are slowly getting depressed by the short days and dark nights. But it's not all doom and gloom! If you are stuck inside then what is there better to do than sit down with the latest issue of 2DArtist and be inspired.

And if it is inspiration you're after then this issue is perfect for you. This month's gallery is full of exceptional art by exceptional artists, including pieces from Brad Rigney, Daarken, Andreas Rocha, Ignacio Bazan Lazcano and Sergey Musin. I can almost hear your jaws drop to the floor!

As if that wasn't enough our Making Of this month is by surrealist genius Yang Xueguo. Yang explains how he created his great image Concrete 5 and gives us a master class in painting light. We jump from the surreal to the stereoscopic with our interview with the amazing digital painter Theo Prins. For those of us thought that 3D was limited to the world of 3D modelling and sculpting, well Theo delights in proving us wrong by delving into the subject of stereoscopic painting.

James Wolf Strehle is this month's sketchbook artist. James has been in the 2DArtist gallery on many occasions and we were lucky enough to get to have a look at how he starts his digital painting process.

Ok, so on to the tutorials. For all of those who have been enjoying the Futuristic Marines series we have a slightly different twist on the subject this month. Alex Ruiz shows us that Futuristic marines don't have to be male to look tough, and explains how he broke away from his usual process to create his great locker room scene.

On the subject of futuristic marines, the next instalment of the concept art for games series shows us how to design the main character of our game. Bart Tiongson is our instructor again this month, and gives us another fantastic insight into working in the games industry while also shows us how to create fast and original concepts in Photoshop.

We stick with the same subject matter for this month's Custom Brushes for Sci-Fi tutorial. Roberto. F. Castro shows us ways to create brushes to help with our workflow and overall appearance of your work, and in this issue he concentrates on vents and wires, and shows a great way of creating volumetric light using a custom brush.

Moving away from Sci-Fi and on to Fantasy, this month's creature from folklore is a Fairy and showing us how to paint them is Nykolai Aleksander. Nykolai is full of tips and tricks, including a cool way to create a color palette. Fairies are something that we are very familiar with, but Nykolai puts an interesting and modern twist on the subject.

Well there is plenty in there to keep you going, have fun!

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