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2DArtist: Issue 081 - September 2012 (Download Only)


Hello and welcome to the September issue of 2DArtist magazine! Last month we sadly said goodbye to some brilliant tutorial series, but don't fret as we have not one, not two, but three amazing new series to get those creative juices flowing.

Let's start things off with the charismatic chap that adorns this month's front cover, created by Max Kostenko for our new tutorial series: Cartoon Creation 101. And who doesn't love cartoons? From childhood shows to films, cartoons stimulate our imaginations and allow us to experience stories that are without restrictions. In this new series our artists show us how to design and paint basic cartoon characters. In this first chapter Max takes us through his exploratory designs and demonstrates how to capture and reflect the personality of a 70's porn star, through his expressions, costume and design.

In the second of our new tutorial series our artists will be showing us how to create weapon concepts for different situations and environments, as if they were doing it for the games industry. This will involve them coming up with a concept and design, then demonstrating their techniques. Kris Thaler is first in line as he fires out his designs for an assault rifle!

As promised, this issue introduces you to a third new tutorial series as well! Artists often need a quick way of adding textures and details to speed up their workflow, and in this series our artists will be taking a basic un-textured character they have created and showing us how to make custom brushes, and then detail their character with them. Richard Tilbury gets the ball rolling by talking us through how he completed his large, scaly monster.

This month we reach the halfway point in our Six Realms series, which explores the limitless worlds and different realms within these that are created by talented artists and designers. Levi Hopkins takes on the challenge this time and illustrates the painting process behind his Coastal realm image.

We also bring you an otherworldly Making Of by the talented Ken Barthelmey, where he shows us how to take creature design from the initial concept sketches to the final image.

If all that wasn't enough to keep you going, we also have an interview with skilled comic artist Ladrönn, a sketchbook that illustrates the creative thought process of talented concept artist Geoff Shupe and, as always, a stunning gallery featuring the work of Khasis Lieb, Gediminas Pranckevicius, Aekkarat Sumutchaya and lots more!

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