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Richard Tilbury's Undead (Download Only)


This eBook focuses on mythological and legendary characters, and in particular the theme of the undead. It includes two classic examples - the vampire and zombie - but also incorporates a werewolf, which occupies a very popular and unique place in modern myth. All of the above characters have featured heavily in both book and film contexts over the years and as such have cemented themselves in history.

The chapters cover the process of digitally creating characters from the concept stage through to the final refinements. The value of thumbnail sketches and exploring variations on a theme are covered, as well as touching upon custom brushes and the power of Photoshop's blending modes, which offer flexibility and freedom to edit the image throughout the design process. Each individual tutorial takes a slightly varied approach with regards to blocking in and color schemes, and aims to show how layers and blending modes can be manipulated to suit different attitudes.

Product details
Author: Ltd
Written by: Richard Tilbury
Platform: Photoshop
Size: 28.5 MB
Pages: 37

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