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"Fantastic products, service and price, and instant satisfaction when purchasing anything through the 3DTotal store. The range of products always suits me with new stuff always added. I keep 3DTotal as a constant source of info and techniques for my field.''

- Rocco Francese



'The product I received was of an excellent quality. Each section gives you a relatively in-depth guide to the planning and execution of the desired creature sculpt. In addition I found the video components, being separate downloads, to be extremely helpful, documenting almost the whole sculpt start to finish. In all, for the price and content, a fairly useful and worthwhile product."

- Nicholas Schubert



"I have nothing bad to say, only very good feedback. First of all you have a pretty good quality product, with very nice interviews and a mix of tutorials. You have responded to my questions quickly and with the upmost professionalism. So a good product and great customer service!"

- Alexandre Belisle



"I loved the Digital Art Masters book. There was a lot of inspiring artwork in there. The website service was great and easy to follow. I also liked the fact that I could browse the pages of the books I was interested in, as if I was at a bookstore."

- Ryan Marshall