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Total Textures V01:R2 - "General Textures"


The original title in the Total Textures collection, Total Textures V1:R2 - "General Textures" contains 188 materials, comprising of over 1300 individual, hand crafted texture maps that are all fully tileable. Every texture has its own unique colour map, bump map, specular, mask and normal map.

You will also find overlay masks, which can be used over tiling textures to remove obvious repeated areas, and make it possible for the textures to be used over larger areas. With the 24 unique overlay masks combined with the 188 textures on the DVD, over 4500 different textures can be created. This doesn't even cover the endless textures that can be created by modifying or switching bump or specular maps.

Product details
Texture format: jpeg, tiff
Average texture resolution: 1200 x 900
Interface: HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages
Browser: Compatible with all browsers
Computer: PC and Mac compatible
Format: Digital Download

Please note that as of 2nd November 2016, the Total Texture packs are only available as Downloads and not as physical DVDs.

Total Textures Licence Agreement
The contents of this Total Textures DVD are copyright 2010. This content may not be re-sold, packaged, loaned or otherwise redistributed.

The contents of this Total Textures DVD are offered royalty free when used within a work of art. You may modify them in any way you wish in order to conform to your needs, however any such modifications are still derivatives of the original image and may not be sold or distributed as your own textures (whether to be sold separately or packaged/included with any other products/files).

A typical example of what is not allowed would be to sell your own models, but to bundle them with our textures. This counts as reselling our textures and violates the license agreement.
If you are proposing to use the textures in a project such as a video game then this is acceptable as long as the textures are included in such a way that the files are not accessible by the end user.

If you have any questions about licensing, please contact 3DTotal on:

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