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3DTotal's Bestiary (Download Only)


This eBook series of will be split over six separate chapters all of which will be dedicated to painting monsters suited to a range of habitats spanning jungle and aquatic to mountainous and subterranean. Each will be covered by a different author who will discuss their approach to digital /concept painting, the tools and brushes they employ and how to create a final image. We shall gain an insight into the thought processes of each of our industry professionals and the ways in which they develop an idea from concept sketches through to a finished work. In particular we will be shown some of the considerations that are necessary to designing both imaginative and fantastic creatures that still remain plausible and abide by anatomical and evolutionary laws observed in nature.

Each tutorial will focus on a specific environment as its theme and therefore result in a varied collection of monster designs, providing a well rounded look into the world of the digital artist and the numerous tips and techniques used by proven individuals.

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Author: Ltd
Platform: Photoshop & Painter
Size: 48.8 MB
Pages: 44

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