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Creature Concept Design (Download Only)


This 50-page eBook, created by Mike Corriero for 3DTotal, covers all areas of creature design, providing you with the necessary information to create your own unique concepts from scratch. Each lesson touches upon a specific important aspect of what turns just an average creature into a great one. Advice is also given on what to stay away from, in order to steer clear of making a bad design or just a dull creature in general.

Over the six chapters, you'll gradually obtain a reference library stretching from the basics in animal anatomy to much more complex ways of exploring what is actually possible and plausible, or what would be considered thinking "outside the box”. There really are no limits to what is considered a conceptual creature; there are only distinctions between naturalistic designs (which are generally more plausible designs based upon rules) and what would be considered alien or even magical creatures (which are endless in the limitation of ideas).

Product details
Author: Ltd
Tutorial by: Mike Corriero
Platform: Photoshop
Size: 44 MB
Pages: 50

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