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Workshop | Professional 3D game character creation


Alexandre Troufanov is a renowned games character modeler for one of the world’s biggest games creation studios: Ubisoft. Having worked on hugely successful projects such as Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Assassins Creed Revelations over the course of his career thus far, Alex has a wealth of experience in creating top-quality characters for the games environment. As a tutor for 3dtotal workshops, Alex is willing to divulge his own techniques and practices to allow you to hone and perfect your own game character creation skills.

In this workshop on game character creation, Alex will share his entire way of working and show a complete, comprehensive workflow that will allow any artist, to complete a fully modeled, textured and rendered 3D Character that will fit any specification in line with today’s game standards.

At the start of the eight-week workshop you will begin with a basic humanoid base mesh, and from that you will develop a wide range of sculpting skills - from hard surface armor modeling in 3DS max to sculpting human anatomy in ZBrush, and many other in-depth steps of character production. Alex will then guide you through the process of creating complex textures such as ornamented armor and clothing, and how to set up and fine-tune realistic materials like metal, leather, and fabric. You will then finally learn how to rig the character using biped rigs and encounter the basics of lighting and rendering a character.

Over the course of the workshop you will encounter techniques and processes in a variety of game-creation relevant software, such as 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, CrazyBump and xNormal. With these useful previews of each program, you will become acquainted with some of the basic industry- standard tools and processes used in standard game character creation.

By the end of this fully inclusive workshop from one of the top artists in the games industry, you will not only conclude with a complete character piece for your portfolio, but will also have acquired an extensive, applicable knowledge base about character creation.

Click the thumbnails to see Alex’s work and learn more about this workshop.

Workshop details
Start date: 12th January 2015
Duration: 8 weeks
Number of Modules: 4
Videos: Approx 30 hours
Level: Intermediate
Tutor: AlexTroufanov
Price: £250 (Approx $400)
Availability: 30 places
Student requirements: 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, CrazyBump, xNormal and basic skills in using these programs


If you book your place between 8 and 14 December you will automatically be sent a copy of the ZBrush Character Sculpting book. Please ensure you supply your full address when booking.

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